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so, today, i went to work (the restaurant), and on my way into work, i noticed a 20 dollar bill in the atm in the main doorway. No once claimed to have just used the machine, so the 20 bucks are mine...haha...

work is insane, like usual, only worse. but i have decided, i'll do my best not to complain about it anymore b/c i think i've complained about that job since i started working there, and for the love, if i'm not going to quit the job, then i need to shut up about it. well, kind of. reason for hating the place today: cockroaches climbing on the walls and shelves. i'm sorry that's just disgusting. when i tell management, he says in his broken english, 'yeah'. i have to say the word 'exterminator' to even get past to him that these NEED TO BE TAKEN CARE OF RIGHT NOW, OMG. and he says 'oh yeah, wednesday, he's coming wednesday.' we had a customer see one and get up and leave. i don't blame him.

they also screwed up my schedule this weekend AGAIN. they did this to me countless times last month, so i gave them a schedule for me to remind them and have it planned out when i can and can not work. we were good for two weeks, and then this week they'll be short tomorrow, but i don't care, i'm not going in.

anyways, onto other things.

it's amazing sometimes the things that can happen in a weeks' time. somtimes it seems like everything is up in the air and then by the next week, things are back to normal again. strange. and no, i'm not talking about boys...ok, maybe i am. haha. i seriously have THE worst luck/judgment/luck...and have to stop the never ending cycle and the pit-in-my-stomach knowledge that it's all happening Again.

so, in honor of stopping the cycle...or at least making some changes...i'm getting my hair cut and dyed this afternoon. brown. i'm going brown. like jessica simpson or mandy moore. maybe i'll feel different and everything magically will fall into place in my life. i can feel it...i'm on the brink of greatness...

oh. and i'm IN LOVE with this movie. everyone has to see it. NOW. the soundtrack is just as amazing. Must Get Now. steal it, burn it, or buy it...but get it.


Blogger swtpmarie said...

Do you know how I first heard about this movie? My dad. He and my mom went to go see it last week and he liked it. So, I guess if my dad likes it and Shae likes it...I better go spend some dollas. :)

11:25 AM  

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