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Cats or Dogs

i've always considered myself a dog person...but i have to say i'm enjoying cats lately a lot more than i used to...mostly the ones that act more like dogs, but...still, they're adorable. and they can sit on your lap and purr and be all soft...
love it!!

no worries, my B-minator is still the only pet for me:)


life is never boring for too long...

i was in a small car accident last night. my poor car is a mess again. it was raining, it was dark and i had just stopped at a stop sign about 4 blocks from my apartment. i looked in my rear-view mirror and realized the SUV behind me was coming way too quickly and was way too close. he rear ended my car, and ruined my back bumper. i can barely open or close my trunk. so i'm at it again with the insurance and the estimates and the planning on getting a rental or taking the el for a few days. the nice thing is i'm on the better side of the insurance claim this time, as it wasn't my fault at all. problem is, the whiplash was kind of bad and i'm sore everywhere from my head down my neck/shoulders/upper back. i went to the Dr today to make sure i got checked out and she said it may get worse before it gets better. i'm currently laying on my couch with a heating pad, which is a god-send. Dr gave me a script for physical therapy if things get worse, though i'm Really hoping this is only an extra precaution. problem is, i was so flustered/pissed off/in shock, that i only got the guy's business card. and when i called him today for more info, i had to leave a message. i'm hoping he's legit and will call me back. i'm sad for my car, and the hassle this will be, but really, i'd like things to just be quiet for a while. i have a lot going on this month, and car trouble was Not on my list of things to have to deal with. that's life i guess.

also i've been meaning to dedicate a blog to each of these events because they were both really soo good. the first is really one of my favorite nights ever! i finally got to see Stars live and it was better than i was even expecting it to be. even though bands rarely play the songs you love exactly how you love them, it was truly amazing. AV and JS came all the way to Chicago from GR to join myself, DW and RR for the show. Rachael Yamagata was the second concert i've been wanting to go to for years. she was also great live and she sang one of her new songs Elephant acappella and you could literally hear a pin drop. i got goose bumps.

Waiting for the show to start...JS couldn't look any less excited...but the rest of us knew better!!
So great to share this concert with my bro...who definitely takes all credit for introducing me to this fabulous band!!
what's so funny AV??
and they're on...OMG they're amazing!!!

and some Rachael Yamagata...
oh, and some pics from a goodbye party for HK...oh how we will miss him...but wish him all the best!!


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