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Winter Projects continued

so...this is how far i've gotten so far on my chair. i'm having some difficulty in finding the padding i need to continue, and am somewhat concerned, but i won't give up easily. I also have to purchase some white fabric to go under the fabric i bought to cover the chair because even though it's thick fabric, i need another layer to make sure you can't see through the'll see when it's done.

at the moment it's a definite eye sore in the middle of the room, but what the hey...
Look what i found underneath, but only on about half of the chair...weird. Red...VELVET...gross!!! Was this supposed to be some kind of pimp chair????i threw out all of the padding because it was old...And this is what i'm currently left with...bare. bones.Probably about 75% of all of the staples i had to pull out of the wood of the chair so far are in this container. when i started i put them in piles and threw them out, then i figured this would be a bit easier to clean up. i pulled out hundreds of these little arms/hands definitely got a good work out. and this is the proof...and there you have it. so far. more is yet to come.


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