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not enough time in the day

so i've been meaning to write a fun post for about a week now...and haven't had the time/energy to do so. again tonight, i was gonna write it, but i had to go christmas shopping for each member on my team. that's 41 people. i had about $5 per person to spend (give or take a few bucks) and it had to be at Walmart...and i despise Walmart, so naturally i saved shopping til the exact last moment possible. if i don't have them at work tomorrow we won't be able to get them wrapped in time for the, em...HOLIDAY party on Friday. and for some ridiculous reason i decided to take personal time to do it. after work. potentially of course this means i could leave early either tomorrow, wednesday or thursday, but who are we kidding. i never leave early.

the sad thing was that Walmart, as expected, was disappointing, and had little to NO cheap men's items except for $3 cologne (gross). and as we have 11 women and 30 men, i had to come up with way more male gifts. they had completely run out of gloves/scarves/hats for the men, like when i asked where the section was (after having searched for it for about 10 minutes thinking im losing my mind because for the love there has to be a section around there somewhere for men's hats/gloves/scarves, the woman working looked at me and sighed...there is no section, we're all out...lovely). so, about 8 guys get the cheap cologne. i was able to find a few sweet baseball hats for a few younger/hip guys, i have some cartons of cookies, playing cards, dominos, and a box of skippo for a few family oriented fellows. lame??? me thinks yes.

needless to say, i hope it will brighten SOMEONE's day!!! and i'm now exhausted, going to kick my feet up, and probably fall asleep on the couch watching a stupid episode of CSI which is about the only mildly livable show on tv on Monday evenings after 9pm. but really i hate CSI.

i will admit, however, that i am getting excited for christmas.

i guess i pooped out a post anyways...pshshshs