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my dog literally shit in my car today...

i hate him...


look what i found from a few years ago???

the quality is horrible as these are being filmed with a crappy camera....but it's still cool to see and remember!!

at the Morris house before they played a few new songs...the beginning of A Thousand Plateaus so it's actually still Spice Coyote

the Main reason we came to GR in see Sigur Ros at Calvin!!!!

Ahh...i love you ladies:):)


every time.

i swear, every time i finally admit that i like a guy, it's over. every time.

i hate boys. they make me lose all confidence and reason. every time.


a review of events...

so...The week since the Election has been a busy and great one. Spending Election night in Chicago was truly something that i will never forget. the energy was unbelievable and i got to share it with some great friends at a fun bar. a few friends had headed out to Grant Park to see if it was worth hanging out at for the big night, but had a difficult time seeing anything but the top of the stage way down at the end of the park. Without tickets to get closer, it would have been difficult to even see TVs that would have given updates on the results, so we all decided to head over to a local bar for some Maker's Mark drinks (and classes that we took home) and a great time watching the country make history...a truly proud American moment!! along with some of the girlfriends, came a few friends from GR...
i think we had some fun...

that was Tuesday night...out til 3, work the next day, it was nuts.
Wednesday night
-hung out with DW and TJ, left to pic sis up from the airport and had a few more beers with the guys before we all called it a night.
-Slept in, watched multiple episodes of the Daily show with Jon Stewart
-late breakfast/brunch/lunch at Nookies enjoying our cute (tho gay) waitor!
-i did some work, while we watched Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
-Dinner in OakPark with AM and K/R and kids at P.F. Chengs.
-more sleeping in, lounging
-more work at Caribou Coffee
-shopping downtown (H&M, Forever 21)
-dinner with AV at Halsted's and
-drinks at local bar--commenting on girl who shouldn't be wearing a certain shirt if she can't fit into it..
-another bar with a fantastic open-mic-night-singer/guitar player, meeting the locals both in side and outside the bar...
-late night pizza which included the near fistfight between a bunch of drunk guys...two of whom were kicked out before we were able to order...gotta love the effects of alcohol!!
-oh yeah...went to bed at 3pm the night before and woke up at 5:15 to bring bro to the airport on his way to SABA to visit his girlfriend TH...the things we do for the people we love!!!
-went back home and slept in LATE...
-watched Greys'/Lipstick Jungle episodes online
-hungout and waited for AM to make it into town...and headed downtown for Chipotle dinner and a bus to take us to the United Center to see the Bulls play the Cavaliers...enjoyed watching LeBron James...yummy
-after the game we headed to Lakeview/DePaul area for some great wine and pumpkin/cheese cake...but not before getting pushed like cattle in the subway on the way out of the game...Sunday
-had to work...sis and AM went shopping after breakfast at my diner
-took a nap and headed out to Jewel to get some groceries for an easy dinner, which included roasting garlic, bacon, parsley, flour, noodles, cream...i think that was made some seriously amazing mac and cheese...
-we had some difficulty finding a liquor store that was open after 6pm on Sunday, but were able to get some great wine...and with the wine, it was the greatest time i've had cooking in a Long time:):) one might even be Wisked Away with all the great skill used to reduce the cream by a 1/3. Eggs the next morning turned out to be egg-celent even...but AM isn't cheesy at all!!
-thanks to AM and another trip to Jewel, my apartment is fully equipped with a cork-screw, a 9x13 pan and a new cookie sheet
-made french toast out of dry italian bread for breakfast
-did some shopping in my neighborhood, found some Great sweaters, hats, art work, jeans, gloves all the good stuff
-had dinner at the Bar-Celona with $2 burgers and $2/$3 beers...yummy
-walked into another bar for drinks and got ID'd by a young guy who wasn't the bouncer...subsequently got laughed at by cute boys who thought it was funny...soon after we left..
-instead, we went to an Irish Pub with an authentically Irish bartender...a Great new find!
-tried to make cookies but didn't realize til after we started that we had used all of the eggs for breakfast
-fell asleep watching Guess Who? and headed to bed.
-slept in/watched Youtube videos
-bought boots. found better boots at 2nd store. returned original boots.
-lunch at great restaurant where we went over all of the events of the week and made list
-took sis to airport to say goodbye for another long time. had great conversations on the way there and before she went through security
she's such a hottie!!
i believe that i'll be in hibernation until thanksgiving!!...but it was all totally worth every minute!!


a day off..

so i took the day off today. i don't get any time around Christmas/New Years, so i've been taking random days here and there to give myself 'vacation'. this weekend was kinda crazy so to have a few extra hours of relaxing is just what i needed. somehow things continue to surprise me, things get complicated, and fun and strange all at the same time. no complaints...just time needed for reflection and decisions on where to go from here. relationships/religion/morality/ethics/the overall meaning of all gets bundled up together. vague enough?? haha...i thought so:)

a few weeks ago i was talking to a friend about the Chicago International Film festival that was going on that the time. i was mentioning a few of the movies i went to last year and the ones i went to this year. Last year i saw 3 films, one was a documentary of an Iraqi film student during the war, another was Lars and the Real girl..about the struggles of dealing with feelings that often overwhelm, and another movie was in subtitles about the Israeli war in the 80s. this year i saw Boy in the Stripped pajamas, a film about a German boy during WWII, and another film was about a woman in Sweden who struggled in a marriage with an alcoholic trying to support her 5 children. this friend of mine stated the obvious that all of the films i mentioned were really dark and heavy, not the feel good comedy fun type. it's true. they are kind of intense, and i guess i have the tendency to be pretty intense as well...not that i don't like having fun...a few pics below will show i'm up for a good time...but it's tru, i enjoy movies/discussions that are related to real life experiences and real life is intense at times. i seem to stay with my own thoughts about life that are pretty intense as well...

but in an attempt to Not be so intense...

yes, i went and got a spray tan...just for fun. a friend of mine works at a tanning salon and kept bugging me to come in and take advantage of any deal he could give me. as i don't like laying a frying in a tanning bed, i figured i'd give the spray tan a shot. now, he did it personally, it wasn't a machine like on Friends when Ross keeps getting sprayed on the same was done pretty well, except my hands were pretty dark and for the costume though. everyone i work with got a huge kick out of it!!! something i tried but won't do again probably! the halloween party was a blast's so easy to talk to people...the costumes are great conversation starters!!