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Need to pee, anyone? cause i know i can hold it...

just a few funny pics i came across while blogg searching...haha

NOTE: this is only for Available men...the Unavailable men have a WHOLE different pie chart


caught in a down pour

today began well...i slept in til noon and was somewhat awakened by a friend of mine, who will at this time remain nameless, got ready and headed off to target. i used to have weekly target runs, but i haven't been in a while, so today was a treat:) came back and lounged on the internet for a while, and went to meet another friend for doggy-social time. it had rained a little before i left, so i stuffed my umbrella into my bag and headed out, figuring the worst was the sun was peaking it's head back out from the clouds. the dogs actually played together on and off, which was a severe improvement from the last few times we've gone and they've all but completely ignored each other, and us owners for that matter. too much to smell, too hot...too lazy..who knows. anyhow, brayson actually chased Ernie around for a few short minutes, only to slow down and admit defeat. then two very hyper dogs came and the four of them played together. after Ernie decided to lay in a dirt puddle, my friend and i contemplated letting the pooches swim in the river before we headed hot, and we know they like it, but that means a bath soon after, and a wet car ride home. as we were discussing our plan of action, the clowds covered over again, and it started to sprikle...and then, it started to DOWN 5 seconds we went from dry to it's-too-late-to-even-think-about-using-the-umbrella-i-took-with-me. so, we were all drenched. and it was great:) i haven't played in rain like that since sophomore year in college, when jenny and i dragged josh outside even though he didn't want to at 1am...only to come in and lay in dan and dan's beds to piss them off, or when we nearly swam in the small lake that accumulated from the rain next to the apartments at 3am...haha. good times good times. anyways, the rain was a delightful cool down and though enjoyed more by the owners than the dogs themselves, it allowed for a good excuse for them to swim in the river afterall. ahh...oh the unexpected.

i have since dried off, and am back at home...brayson is tuckered out and sleeping. awesome:)

now for a little something to eat


TODAY Show featured MY museum..well, kind of:)

earlier this week, while i was supposed to be getting ready for work, i was watching the TODAY Show, and low and behold, i begin to realize that in their discussion of the importance of play in the development of children, their example of a facility which has become the forefront of created opportunity for children to play and learn (other than the school system of course), was Strong National Museum of Play , from the heart of Rochester, NY...MY hometown. so, of course, i forgot what i was doing, and wanted to pay's always fun and exciting when a place you've been, a place that is part of you is recognized for excellence on national i'm fully aware that i have NO part in its recogition...haha.'s some info on the museum...enjoy:) Unforunately, i couldn't find a link to the article/segment on, but here are some more links to find more info:)

  • democrat and

  • 10nbc news

  • The debt we owe to the play of the imagination is incalculable
    Carl Jung
    Swiss Psychoanalyst

    It is in playing, and only in playing, that the individual child or adult is able to be creative and to use the whole personality,l and it is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self.
    D.W. Winnicott
    British Pediatrician

    We all need empty hours in our lives or we will have not ime to create or dream.
    Robert Coles
    Contemporary American child Psychologist


    a little fun once in a while

    ok, this blog has become way too depressing...

    is this real or animated...i have my ideas..but what are yours?

  • Honda
  • 7.18.2006

    back to the drawing board

    Don't count on anything until it's in writing and you've signed in blood...otherwise, it all means nothing.


    another of many sleepless nights (part II)

    so...i've had some time to get (a few) things figured out, and i can say that chaos is somewhat calmed, or is merely postponed til the end of next month.

    unless my landlord changes his mind...i am staying in morgantown for another month. i begged him to consider giving me til the end of august for me to live in my apt, and i spoke with my ruby supervisor who stated they'd love to have me another month. so, i've decided, if i'm making money here, and have a place to live, why move to a place where i won't be making money and don't have a place to live...hopefully i'll get to sleep a bit better for a while:)

    on a completely unrelated and completely trite topic...i've been noticing some personal trends. other than typing '...' everywhere in everything i ever type, i've also noticed myself saying 'i know, right?' to about everyone that i talk to, and about 100 times a day. tonight i was reading through a magazine, while staying awake at work, and apparantly, in terms of Abiguous Expressions, "whatever" is Cold and "i know, right?" is Hot. i read that and stopped short...i didn't realize that all of pop culture was saying it's amazing when you're hit in the face with a clear example of how society has influences over you that you don't even realize. oh, and for the record...i'll list a few of the 'Colds' and 'Hots' this season. most of the 80s trends that unfortunately seem to be rearing their ugly heads i think are nasty, but some new trends are in my favor...for example, it so happens "no butts about it, rumps are all the rage"...that is if you believe everything in magazines. though in this case, i think i'll take it..hehe.

    (i tried to format this differently, but it didn't work. Note ':'s and ";"s)
    Category: Cold; Hot
    Flattering Eyebrow Shape: Thin and arched; Semi-bushy
    Extensions: Hair; Lashes
    The New Black: Green; Black
    Cardio: Fitness DVDs; Downloadable iPod workouts
    Sexiest Criminal: The Sopranos' Michael Imperioli; Prison Break's Wentworth Miller
    (yes, i agree)
    New Boot Look: Cowboy boots with gauzy dress; Ankle boots with tights (EEEK)
    Killer Comeback: Teri Hatcher; Mariah Carey (don't care for either one)
    '80's Look That's in Again: Off-the-shoulder tops; Black leggings (EEEK)
    Red-Carpet Updo: Flawless twists; Messy, natural styles (yes)
    Calls-it-like-it-is-Comedians: Jon Stewart; Stephen Colbert (sure)
    Must-Have Dog: Chihuahua; Puggle (neither, my dog Brayson wins)
    Buzzed-About Show: Desparate Housewives; Grey's Anatomy

    so...for those of you who even can decide what you agree with as being chic and what you hope is a short stop on its way out the door.

    ok, that about sums it up for the present moment
    Current time: 6:13 am
    Current location: Ruby Memorial Hospital Admissions Dept
    Current time of Departure: 7:30am


    another of many sleepless nights

    my life is chaos...

    i'm trying to stay positive, optimistic, and not completely lose all sense of sanity.
    everyone says 'oh, it will be fine, everything will work out' EASY FOR YOU TO SAY

    and yea, everyone has their own shit to deal with, but i feel like i'm walking a gang plank, i'm so close to the edge and i feel my feet slipping...
    what will be there to catch me? how will it all end?

    i'm tired and not sure how long i can hold on


    a little so'em so'em i made one day

    so, other than the fact that dial-up internet is THE most annoying thing ever....(yes, i know i still live in the stone ages...but that's what happens on a college budget...)

    here's a little something i cooked up this week...when i wasn't at work, or sleeping. if i may say so myself...:) a smaller version of my christmas gift to my sis this past year. if you want one...let me know, i just might make another.

    **Hallie, this one will be headed your way shortly...a VERY late christmas present, i guess it's better late than never:)


    happy 4th of july

    as long as the rain holds off til tomorrow, a perfect day for 18 holes of golf and a baseball game tonight with fireworks all over the city...can't wait:)

    too much else to write about with so little time...but let's just say, i'm headed to chicago a little earlier than expected...pray for good luck and blessings in the employment department...:)


    trip to Pittsburgh

    So...a few weeks ago, a few friends and i decided we needed a day off from work and a trip to Kennywood...a smallish theme park near Pittsburgh. each of us doing our respective parts to get the day decided off, and as the day approached, the more excited we got...not even to enjoy the CrAzY rollercoasters and yummy funnel cakes, but to just NOT BE AT RUBY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL FOR AN ENTIRE DAY:)
    however, as the day approached, one friend's request for the day off was denied and the weather was promising to be s.h.i.t.t.y. (rain and thunderstorms) we realized that we needed a Plan B. We decided the rest of us (me, Jourdan and Shannon) were going to still take advantage of our freedom-from-work and while every other theme park in a 3 to 4 radius was either also expecting s.h.i.t.t.y. weather or it was, frankly, just too damn far away...we decided to enjoy the day in Pittsburgh.
    Plan B: Go for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (my personal FAVORITE restaurant) and then either stay in Pitts for a bit, or come back and catch a movie, being joined with our other friend Chris who would be off later that afternoon.
    however, little did we know that Plan B would also be adjusted...but just a little
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    We first enjoyed a F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. lunch and dessert at the Cheesecake factory. One of the highlights was actually when the waitor, confused that the credit card paying for the meal was to go back to Shannon, the only male at the table, and looking at Jourdan and I, stated, "here you go Ms. DeVall' and then consequently turned bright red when Shannon took the bill-fold from him and we all chuckled at thinking he was one of us women...though, in all honesty, it happens all the time for a guy named Shannon:)
    after a great lunch, even though the weather was crappy, we decided to still enjoy being in the city, and stroll down E. Carson St, the 'artsy-fartsy' section of the city's Southside. we enjoyed the Culture Shop, as well as some consignment shops and art shops, though the pet shop which advertized closing sales seemed to already be closed, and Jourdan was sorely disappointed that she could not buy fun toys for her pooch.
    after a quick mocha at the Bee Hive, which was actually purchased only to be able to respectably use the restroom, we decided to head home. only to change our minds when Shannon really wanted to take a real tour of the city of Pittsburgh. in researching 'day excursions' he had come across a Pittsburgh tour called Just Ducky which involved a truck boat contraption which took tourists both through the city streets as well as on the rivers surrounding the city. however, at $18 bucks for a hour was suggested at the time to go another time...or not at all;). however, as we drove on the bridge out of the city, overlooking station square where the Just Ducky tour was stationed, Shannon, somehow, convinced us all to "seize the day and have a little fun". Also, he said he'd pay for my early b-day gift...if it would convince me to go along with it.
    so, are some pics of our Just Ducky tour...and can i tell you...OMG...lolhere are jourdan and Station Square...too bad we had missed a Clarks concert there the weekend before..boooo
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    they finally decided to add one more tour ride to the day, and so we got to buy tickets...
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    and here, here is our Just Ducky Tour ride...our Chariot awaits..
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    now, don't forget, this vehicle is for land AND water, so safety is super important...Our tour guide Andrew demonstrated how to use the 'flotation devices' just in case of emergency...
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    stopped at a stop light, passengers of another car found our Just Ducky contraption amusing and agreed to pose for a pic...
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    PNC park (home to the Pittsburgh Pirates) from one of the bridges. i've had the priviledge of being there TWO times.:) (i think the Pirates lost both
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    wrapping back around, here's the view of the front of the stadium...
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    as we drive down by the river, here's a view of us in a Land vehicle...
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    we're a water vehicle...
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    can you believe they let us drive that thing? here's shannon...
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    and then it was my turn...
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    he said i could drive it back onto the dock...but then i realized he was just kidding. i woulda done it:)so...that wraps up my picture story of our trip to Pittsburgh. joking of the 'Just Ducky' tour vehicle aside, it was nice to drive through the city...learn a bit about it and take some fun pictures. however, it was a little embarrassing when we'd be waved at and Andrew, the tour guide would yell into the loudspeaker..."QUACK, QUACK, QUACK TO YOU TOO". he also tried to get us all to 'quack' in the beginning of the ride...i didn't quack.

    overall, even though it was VERY gloomy...a great day...:) thanks for the fun jourdan and shannon:)

    ps tried to get pics bigger and in the center...but seriously, such a pain in the @$$, these'll have to do