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caught in a down pour

today began well...i slept in til noon and was somewhat awakened by a friend of mine, who will at this time remain nameless, got ready and headed off to target. i used to have weekly target runs, but i haven't been in a while, so today was a treat:) came back and lounged on the internet for a while, and went to meet another friend for doggy-social time. it had rained a little before i left, so i stuffed my umbrella into my bag and headed out, figuring the worst was the sun was peaking it's head back out from the clouds. the dogs actually played together on and off, which was a severe improvement from the last few times we've gone and they've all but completely ignored each other, and us owners for that matter. too much to smell, too hot...too lazy..who knows. anyhow, brayson actually chased Ernie around for a few short minutes, only to slow down and admit defeat. then two very hyper dogs came and the four of them played together. after Ernie decided to lay in a dirt puddle, my friend and i contemplated letting the pooches swim in the river before we headed hot, and we know they like it, but that means a bath soon after, and a wet car ride home. as we were discussing our plan of action, the clowds covered over again, and it started to sprikle...and then, it started to DOWN 5 seconds we went from dry to it's-too-late-to-even-think-about-using-the-umbrella-i-took-with-me. so, we were all drenched. and it was great:) i haven't played in rain like that since sophomore year in college, when jenny and i dragged josh outside even though he didn't want to at 1am...only to come in and lay in dan and dan's beds to piss them off, or when we nearly swam in the small lake that accumulated from the rain next to the apartments at 3am...haha. good times good times. anyways, the rain was a delightful cool down and though enjoyed more by the owners than the dogs themselves, it allowed for a good excuse for them to swim in the river afterall. ahh...oh the unexpected.

i have since dried off, and am back at home...brayson is tuckered out and sleeping. awesome:)

now for a little something to eat


Blogger iloveredheads said...

oh yeah..i remember the rain incident..that was fun, although i think on accident i jumped in nasty nates bed to get it all soaked..and then maybe from that he got the wrong idea that i wanted him

1:13 PM  
Blogger Reshae said...

yeah, i'd say, anyone jumping in his bed would give him the wrong idea...too bad it was you and not dirty

4:33 AM  

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