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where did all the nice old lady's go??, i know that i'm overtired, pmsing, and incredibly stressing about my current and future employment/living situations...however, i do not feel that i have in any way deserved or brought upon myself atrocious treatment by two different elderly women that i work for and graciously 'tuck-in' in the evening. (4-5pm)

i thought tuesday evening was bad, with the woman, whom i had just met that night, telling me exactly, and i mean EXACTLY where she wants every little thing in her apartment. i washed my hands when i arrived and she proceeded to yell at me for using a towel which is apparently reserved only for dishes, as if i was a complete idiot for not knowing so, and that i'd better use a paper towel before she got up and bitchslapped me with her cane. after quickly realizing that it was her way or now way at all, i left her apartment 45 mins later with a 'well, you did ok for your first time', though she did make it clear that she had made complaints to my supervisor in the past for sending 'new girls'. she explained that the reason she hired 'us' was to make her life easier not to have to explain to everyone how she wants her things done. and to her credit, she has outlived every person in her family and does deserve to have things how she wants them, but a little courtesy and understanding too much to ask for?...i think not.

so, with that evening behind me, i thought i was in the clear. oh, how wrong i was. turns out, sometimes no matter what you do, you're doing something wrong. the next day, i got to 'tuck-in' another woman...who was consequently mad at me the second i walked in the door. i didn't answer her question of 'who's here?' fast enough because i was waiting for the loud screen door to close so she could hear me, then i turned on the light without asking her, and she just about blew my head off when she stated she had 'guys coming over soon' and i replied 'oh, that's nice...what guys?' ..."IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS". well, forgive me for trying to make your environment a little more enjoyable and if i try to make a little small talk. yesterday you were normal, today you are the crazy old lady from hell. what gives??

she soon after proceeded to yell at me for not getting her food EXACTLY how she said she wanted it, and then when she told me to leave, and i began filling out my paperwork, she told me i couldn't use her pen, and that i had to 'just...just GET OUT OF HERE'. fine, lady..whatever you want.

what happened to nice old lady's who told you the same stories over and over and were just as excited to tell you the 8th time as the first? what happened to the 'make yourself at home' and 'thank you for coming, you did a great job'???

well, those nice lady's have gone away this week, and have left us with crazy lady's from hell.


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