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as i sit here in my apartment, chomping on Sarris Candies Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods, listening to the best mix ever made and feeling a slight buzz from the freshly painted front porch, i find myself reflecting over the events of the last 10 days.

in the last 10 days, i graduated with my master's degree, drove to grand rapids, then to chicago with my mom, where i proceeded to learn the city, job search and see the apartment i hope to be living in in less than three months. I returned to grand rapids, had dinner with three of my gal pals in Spring Lake, spent time with my grandparents (grandma fixed my jeans), lost my phone, then found it, saw my former boss at Calvin, welcomed my sister from Colorado, ate dinner with her and her friends, went downtown with some of my other friends and went to see my bro and his roommate play at Rocky's. drank a little too much and slept about 4 solid hours that night due to my friend's dog pedro climbing all over me, had breakfast with my fam, and dinner with grandparents, saw my bro's senior art exhibit at Calvin, went dancing with my sis at Margaritaville, while trying to stay clear of nasty drunk male dancers and still enjoying ourselves. bought an $800 armoir for $99 at the Salvation Army for my new apartment, helped bro pack up his house to move, go to his graduation, and wipe tears away at the fact that my little bro is graduating college (or was it b/c i feel like it's been ages since i graduated from Calvin...i'm getting old!!). went to buy food for party, ate food at party and enjoyed musical entertainment from none-other than A Thousand Plateaus while their friends cried at the end of a great year and sang along at the top of their lungs. i only know a few words. filled a trailer with all bro's big furniture while it rained, drank a little too much, and got to sleep in bro's new apartment. church sunday AM, a quick lunch and craziness at the airport after realizing that sis's luggage was in the car that didn't come to the airport...yes, due to MY stupidity...after a frantic drive by bro and mom to retreive said luggage and realizing that they wouldn't get the luggage back to the airport in time, she had to change her flight (blond moment? i think so). got to spend a few extra hours with sis before she left, after which mom and i left to go to rochester. took care of needed doctor's appointments under dad's insurance, mowed grass and cleaned the patio, got my car windshield replaced, and drove back to Motown to work the 10-6:30 shift in Admissions this morning. phew...that's a lot of craziness.

being back in motown, i found my dog to be in one piece, though thinner for not having eaten the first 4 days of me having left him...and i have just a few precious days left with two dear friends of mine who will be deserting this town for NY on sad Monday morning. however, i have work hours coming out of my ears, so without too much else to do...i'll be making money which is a God-sent blessing:)

over all, an amazing time, a much needed break, wonderful time spent with so many people i love. so for those of you reading..thanks so much:)

ps. my Sarris Candies Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods were gone at the end of the second sentence...yum yum.


Blogger Hallie said...

ok, so i'm getting a little emotional. i teared up at your post. that can't be good. it's only wednesday. fuck, it's wednesday. are you freaking out? cause i am a little. (just a little). :0)

4:09 PM  
Blogger swtpmarie said...

so good to see you again! I can echo the "drank a little too much" thought from Thursday night...but it was well worth it. Makes me want an Irish car bomb right about now. I'm glad you got back ok and that Braeson is not any worse for wear. I hope work goes well!

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pedro told me you were climbing all over HIM...i don't know who to believe...hehe

7:48 AM  

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