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so...this is a story of the journey of trying to get my computer fixed.

over all, i have deep love for my computer, Aiden (named after the hottie on Sex and the City). and besides the hard-drive crashing after only owning it three weeks, it has given me nothing but happy times--it has provided me with internet, and has stored great music and fun photos. i've become a frequent USB drive user, and am an expert at importing pictures from my nifty little camera that i bought in scotland earlier this year. (of obvious note: it's increased my 'cool' factor considerably).

Sadly, Aiden hasn't been feeling well lately, due to a recent accident involving my dog Brayson. Brayson, who was running around my livingroom, consequently got stuck in the power chord and knocked said laptop onto the cheaply carpeted floor. with not so much cushioning, the injury Aiden sustained failed to subside after turning the computer off and then on again--with high hopes that all would be fixed. since that near-fatal fall, Aiden hasn't been the same. he hasn't been able to recognize cd's/dvd's for weeks, and i fear that if action isn't taken soon, the damage will be irreversible.

So, earlier this week, i finally called Dell to figure out how to fix poor Aiden. i was on the phone with 'the Dell guy' for over 45 min...and he finished by telling me he's going to send me a CD to reinstall some program. computer d.o.e.s.n.'.t. r.e.c.o.g.n.i.z.e CD's. but who am i to argue...i know nothing of how to save my injured friend. Promptly 2 business days later, i received the supposed antidote in the mail...and instead of waiting for 'the Dell guy' to call me back to help me install the program, i decide to take a more proactive approach and call Dell back myself, this time speaking with 'the Dell girl' instead. this 'Dell girl' had me run many of the same tests as well as few new ones only to conclude that my computer d.o.e.s.n.'.t. r.e.c.o.g.n.i.z.e C.D/D.V.D.'.s. no shit i know why it's so important to get a second opinion:) her solution to this problem is not that software needs to be reinstalled, but that my CD drive is gone caput, and she stated that she will promptly be sending me a new one in the mail within 2/3 business days. "Is there anything else i can help you with today?" she finishes. No, mam, that is all.

and so, i still wait in eagerness for the remedy to fix my poor Aiden. mostly i just wanted to watch some movies while i was bored at work today...and am pissed that i have to wait. by the time i get the new disc drive...if that's the real problem...i will be soon leaving town, or be gone already, and won't have such urgency to fix the of Aiden put aside of course.

Soon, Aiden, soon, all will be back to normal. Soon...

here's a picture story of my phone call with 'the Dell girl'... (pics were taken while i was on hold)

today is a good day, i'm going to call Dell and fix Aiden

maybe they'll really be able to help me...maybe...i have hope, yay:):) but...

uh oh, this is starting to sound like the last time i called.

this isn't going to plan :(

is Anyone there who can help me????

i'm V.E.R.Y. irritated....stupid Dell

but mostly i'm just Aiden.

(see what happens when i'm bored at work and have no DVD's to watch)


Blogger swtpmarie said...

very funny Shae. It's nice to see your face again, contorted or not. :) Thanks for checking up on me too. I appreciate it. I hope Aiden feels better soon!

6:04 PM  
Blogger bexala said...

Did you take those photos yourself? Hilarious.

8:52 PM  

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