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did i miss something?

so why is it that on the days when you have NO time, everything seems to take FOREVER??? yesterday i had 30 min to get from one job to the next, with a quick stop to let my pooch pee. so i go to pay the parking garage fee and the damn machine won't take the little ticket it gives you when you enter the garage. it kept spitting it out stating that it was either put in backwards, or bent. however, neither were true. so i hit the 'help' button to speak with a woman who states that help is on the time ticks on, wasting very precious time. finally two guys come strolling down the ramp to help me, because it's incredibly difficult for one guy to figure out that the machine is screwed up and he'll just have to use his key to make the bar holding me in the garage go up and let me out. slowly they get to me, and try again what i had tried 20 times already only to find the same result: the machine spit my ticket out again. Then there's the issue of me having to pay for the damn ticket, and of course the guys can't break a $10. finally the other guy found a five and 4 quarters to give me as change...guaranteed that they kept my $4 of course. i get into my car, and wait another 3 min for the second guy to figure out which key will bring the bar up, and fnally, with a small screach, i hit the road and get on my way. by this time i have 13 min left to get home and back out to my next post of employment, knowing the chance to grab some fast food for dinner is obviously out of the question, since my necessary travel time will already take longer than the short time now available.

and to top it all off, did i miss that it was "National Drive-20-Miles-Per-Hour-Day-Regardless-of-What-the-Speed-Limit-Actually-is"? cause Everyone seemed to stay w/in that 18/22 mph range...which in all honesty really pissed me off. and somehow no matter how i yelled rude and mean, and somewhat profane statements at them, or how i was practically driving in their trunk, they didn't speed up at all. INEXPLICABLY ANNOYING.

there really should be some kind of express lane that is built above all other traffic that allows people who are in a hurry, or who merely want to drive the speed limit, to get where they are going in a reasonable amount of time. DAMN!!


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