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lame?? uh, kinda...

so, yes, i'm home on a friday night. and i'm trying not to be annoyed about it. but whatever....

i heard a weird noise coming from my bedroom and i looked...this is what i used to have...

this is what i found...the destroyed shoe was in my dog's paws and jaws and let me tell you, it was bad news for the pooch.

no more cute shoes...

damn, i really need to get out more...


don't be jealous...

other secret ingredients...perfect.


and no, you can't have any


a short glimps of the greatness that is yet to come.

i'm frankly too tired to write a better post than this. but i have exciting news...i bought a camera...YAY...and the reason i bought a camera was because i got a PROMOTION>>>>>>.hells yea. so i figured i deserved a fun camera b/c holy crap...i got the job...craziness:)

but, more on the job, the camera and all that both entail next time. for now, i need to sit and watch MINDLESS television with my feet up so that i can relax (but mostly because my cramps are making thinking and moving difficult)

here are a few fun pics...


i love these guys...


a law suit waiting to happen.

so i was at the park today and reading a book with my pooch...when two women and their children came over and asked if the oldest girl could pet brayson. the little girl was VERY energetic and had No fear of my big dog whatsoever. the little girl starts following brayson around me, as brayson is caught off guard a little bit at the 'in your face' attention and he was kind of hiding behind me. at first i was sitting down, and she came over and had her hands on my face asking about my nose ring, and then went after brayson, so i quickly got up to get a better handle on the situation just in case it turned sour. the mom kept trying to tell the girl to slow down and relax and not chase the big dog and 'please come back over here' and 'leave the nice girl, we need to go home'. Finally, with all the chaos, brayson barked at the girl, who because she was like 4/5 yrs old, she wasn't much taller than him, and she completely starts screaming, and holds her arm and says that it hurts. He didn't bite her, he just barked but she completely freaked out, but seriously, both myself and the mom were trying to get the girl to just settle down for 2 seconds. somehow i felt guilty that Brayson scared her, but seriously, i was just glad that he didn't bite her nose or something. the moms were understanding and explained that 'the dog was trying to tell her that he didn't want her to pet him anymore'. geez...that was close...


yet another lemming

so frustrating when you realize that something you thought was your own is really just an influence of society and not really yours after all. i Swear i thought of it before Everyone else did...I SWEAR I DID>....URRRGHHHGHGHGHGHGHG.

not that i'm a complete radical or anything, and i realize that 'being different' is the 'cool' thing to do these days. but boo hiss when something that makes also what makes everyone else, everyone else.

i was picking through photos of old college friends and almost every other person had their nose pierced. now i don't want to see them. because they'll be like...omg, she did just what we did...not "wow, she's so cool and unique".

there was something else the other day that gave me the same thought, but now i can't remember it. it couldn't've been ipods, baby-doll shirts, or pulling your bangs up in bobby-pins on the top of your head...cause those i KNOW i've stolen from the crowd...though they're all worth it cause they're all great. i guess some of the hats i wear are a little more 'out there' than some are willing to go, but really, lots of people wear fun hats.

oh well, it's obviously so similar to what other people are doing that i can't even remember the other thing that was supposed to set me apart from all the other lemmings that think that they use their own mind to make decisions but really don't much.

boo hiss


time to sit back and wait.

three interviews with program directors, one with my team and supervisor (brutal), and one with team A. it's all over and done with. I survived and now it's time to sit back and wait for the powers that be decide where they want to put me. keep me where i am, put me on team A or keep me on Team B with new responsibilities.

only time will tell...