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a law suit waiting to happen.

so i was at the park today and reading a book with my pooch...when two women and their children came over and asked if the oldest girl could pet brayson. the little girl was VERY energetic and had No fear of my big dog whatsoever. the little girl starts following brayson around me, as brayson is caught off guard a little bit at the 'in your face' attention and he was kind of hiding behind me. at first i was sitting down, and she came over and had her hands on my face asking about my nose ring, and then went after brayson, so i quickly got up to get a better handle on the situation just in case it turned sour. the mom kept trying to tell the girl to slow down and relax and not chase the big dog and 'please come back over here' and 'leave the nice girl, we need to go home'. Finally, with all the chaos, brayson barked at the girl, who because she was like 4/5 yrs old, she wasn't much taller than him, and she completely starts screaming, and holds her arm and says that it hurts. He didn't bite her, he just barked but she completely freaked out, but seriously, both myself and the mom were trying to get the girl to just settle down for 2 seconds. somehow i felt guilty that Brayson scared her, but seriously, i was just glad that he didn't bite her nose or something. the moms were understanding and explained that 'the dog was trying to tell her that he didn't want her to pet him anymore'. geez...that was close...


Blogger Rebecca said...

Kids (and dogs) are so unpredictable, aren't they? We always make Deacon lay down when kids want to pet him, and we only let them come up one at a time and hold out their hand gently so he can sniff and lick it before they pet him. It seems to teach him to be submissive to kids. Anyways, I'm sure Brayson doesn't have a mean bone in his body but you never know what kids will do to provoke a dog!

9:04 AM  
Blogger Sheonaid said...

i love reading your blogs. you are so creative, with such a great sense of humor and writing style. now if only i was that blessed...

11:40 PM  
Blogger ehzee said...

Hah. Serves that weenie little kid right. Moral= Listen to your mother or a Dog will attack you.

10 points for Brayson doing what us humans are afraid of sometimes... teaching kids lessons.

9:10 AM  
Blogger bexala said...

That little girl had it coming...she sounds really psycho and ill behaved. Poor Brayson.

8:49 PM  

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