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cubs 1, white sox 0

so this week, i had the privilege of attending my first cubs game at Wrigley Field. and while i am a claimed white sox fan in a sea of cubs fans (of northern chicago where i live) i decided that i would not turn down an opportunity to cheer for a Chi-town team, especially when so much history is involved. i met with some friends at the 'Cubby Bear' right outside the stadium and after a few drinks...on an empty stomach...we headed to our seats just after the opening pitch. unfortunately, we missed the one and only run of the entire game in the first inning, but it was great just the same. a sea of people to 'people=watch', good company and a few hot guys in tights showing off their athletic ability...what's not to i always enjoy spending $26 for two hot dogs, two fries and two beers. all in all, with the train ride there, the great game, and the train and bus ride home*** it was so much fun and i felt very 'chicago'. except when the fans sang a song at the end of the game that everyone in the stands knew...but i didn't. i didn't feel very chicago then, but other than that i did. what were the words again???

*** attention when you're riding the L...sometimes, a train is re-routed and you find yourself in a part of town you weren't expecting. the fourth stop which should be your's is really a completely different stop and you have to take a bus back up to the stop you needed to get home. always travel with a map...just in case. yay for making it home safely...


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