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the little things in life

things in Chicago Illinois are going well...i don't really have much to talk about, except that i kind of wanted to add a post after the last one which is a little of a downer.

i'm going to the symphony tomorrow, and i'm quite excited about it. i found tickets for 20 bucks and decided to go, even if i'll have no one chat with during the intermission...restroom lines are always forever long that will take 10-15 mins of stretch-time perfectly. there is a pianist and he's going to play a few mozart and brahms sonatas, as well as something by Komarova who i've never heard of before but i'm sure it will be great...

other than that, after an eventful evening last night with friends at a fun new restaurant, i decided to take this afternoon and evening to clean, do bills and purchase a much needed duvet for my bed over the internet. it's about 3 yrs over due, so within 2/3 business days (i'm keeping my fingers crossed), my bedroom will look a little more put together and the feathers of the comforter will be equally distributed. my old comforter wasn't sectioned off and so all the feathers have moved over to the edges of the duvet that hang over the side of the bed. i don't know about you, but feathers that don't cover you at all don't seem able to be very effective. so this should be a new experience:) and i'm excited. and while i'm not usually into making large purchases without seeing it, touching it, smelling it, tasting...oh figured it was worth the shipping and handling to have a large package arrive at my door instead of having to lose my beloved parking spot, drive to the suburbs and get it in person. the only other items i've actually purchased through the internet were two tanktops from Old Navy 2 years ago because i had already tried them on in the store and just decided to buy two more of them. we'll see how this goes. maybe i should've read the 'terms and conditions and return policies' section of the payment process instead of just clicking "yes, i agree with these terms and conditions and return policies" and going on to the next step. oh well...time will tell...

oh, and P.S. my dog is sleeping with his head tilted off his cushion and his ear is standing straight up on it's own...too precious:)


Blogger Clemo said...

Worry not...I buy everything I can online and usually have good results (sometimes it doesn't work out). Usually I chalk up the bad experiences to be simply the statistically necisary balance? Anyway, enjoy and stop by the next time you are in town.

1:26 PM  

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