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sooo late...

ok, it's sooo late for me to be awake but it's what it is.

i was convinced to go out for a few drinks tonight a couple of which i have lot in common with...he's very into music, and one that's a little too into herself and has a hard time not talking about people all the time, instead of about ideas that are actually important to life. but not to talk about people too was a nice time to get out and enjoy some social time and some live cover and folk music. love it.

in regards to comments in my last post...yes, i had a Great weekend...time with family and friends is always a good time...i got two tires fixed on my car...both had sharp objects in them, i got to play pool and darts and get my ass kicked in both...(though i'd like to say, i did kick some ass in darts against Two certain people, and i had a couple runs in pool that were very impressive).

also, i got to have some great discussions...about the real important things in life...God, love, etc. and i'm reminded i learn from people every day. bex Did have a crazy story to share about running into an old 'friend' and getting all weird and i wish i coulda been there:):):)

anyways, it was great. and now it's already Thursday at 1:07am...and i have to GO TO SLEEP. that damn alarm clock will interrupt my peaceful sleep way too soon:) that scene in Office Space with the copy machine and the sledge hammer comes to mind. someday i'm gonna have a room full of alarm clocks and i'm gonna have a sledge hammer and i'm gonna just go nuts beating the shit out of them all...oh wait...did i say that outloud..or type it and post it on the internet?? oops...too much info..haha

anyways...sleep tight y'all..:)


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