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so, Friday was an Insane day...three of my six team members called off from work, which left me and two others to do the work that six usually do. it was draining and exhausting, but good...i took one of my members on a ride to Dunkin Donuts and while driving, he noticed the music i had on in my car...Trouble by Ray LaMontagne. He is a near 300 lb black man who has a history of drug abuse and severe mental illness, but he's really like a teddy bear and is working on being a good family man and remaining stable. since the first day i worked with him, i could tell he feels comfortable talking to me--but not in a weird, inappropriate, transference or sexual kind of way, so it's good. anyway, the 'soul' in Ray LaMontagne was noticed by him and he said a few different times that he enjoyed the music. so, i gave him the CD, as i can just burn another copy, and it was like Christmas day, he was like...'are you serious? i'd love to have the cd'. overall, it was a good visit, and not just because of the music. visits like that are why i like my job. they're not all like that, but when they feels like i'm making a difference, even just a small one. and my sharing of great music is just the icing on the cake...:)


Blogger Eileen Borduin said...

I have to say that I just read this email and found it very moving. I am thankful that you have such a heart for the people in your life and that you take the time to make a difference. It is a wonderful added that music was part of the whole picture. I was walking last night remembering how much a kind word, or a card sent or.... makes to a person. It is a gift when we get such a thing- and perhaps even more of a gift when we give them! You are awesome!

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