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so it has been decided that i hate serving tables. in every way. seriously. beyond any kind of possible doubt. with a passion of...many, many things.

get the point?? i hate it. and yet, after one blessed and fabulous day off tomorrow, i have to go back. i found myself tonight trying to convince myself that i liked it, that it's really kind of fun, and that i can make it through another night. but then i'd find myself thinking...HOW ON EARTH do people do this day after day, week after week, year after year? another server and i were talking about how we're lucky cause we know this is just short term, and some people end up getting stuck in it. how they can do it, i have NO idea.

when i started, it was know, all, someday i'll tell my kids how i struggled through and waited tables. or it was something that i honestly didn't think i could do cause i have a bad memory and figured i'd be better at pissing people off cause i kept forgetting to get their side of ranch or what the hell spices are part of the Lemon Pepper chicken. or it was fun cause of the mexican cooks named Juan, Angel, Sergio and Pedro (***names NOT changed for confidentiality...cause they're never going to read this anyways). they all call me 'bonita' every time i walk by or ask me why i'm not married or have a boyfriend..all in their very broken and limited English. somehow even though it's what they all do to all the new female servers..that Sergio just might have a chance, he's quite the hottie and that spanish has quite the sex-appeal. or it was the few nights that i made a lot of money and was able to relax a bit about my finances.

but seriously...even the $20 tip on a four top didn't do anything to get me out of my funk tonight, and i seriously want to NOT show up on sunday. there are a lot of nice people who are pleasant, but seriously, the rude, impatient, obnoxious people are such downers and tonight i really just didn't care. at all. you want the chicken soup to pour ON the omelette, not as an appetizer??? ok..buddy, whatever. anyways...maybe i'll spend my FREE saturday looking up other part time jobs that won't have me ready to put a fork in someone's eyeball, cause at a restaurant, there are too many forks around.


in attempts to cheer up, a little, i figured i'd add some fun pictures and YouTube segments.

ok, so, the Youtube segments are about Jay Leno's intern "ross the intern". the first time i saw him, i thought he was a total dudd and very lame, but seriously, he kills me. i just saw him on earlier and even though i couldn't find the same segment on You tube, i found a few that are funny. i think it's his own, over-the-top happiness and laughter that gets to me. it's infectious.

Ross the Weatherman

Ross the Firefighter

oh, i'm gonna save the pics for the next post. they deserve their own time:)


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