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change in plans

it seems that with any trip, nothing ever goes as planned. either you get out later than expected, coats are forgotten in the closet and you have to go back (like when i moved to chicago), flights are delayed or luggage lost. something always requires a revision.

this time, my sis got stuck in Colorado as Denver flights were cancelled and backed up for days. strangely enough, even though it means one less day with her (BOOO) it may have worked out i got sick on thursday and wasn't able to make it to work friday. what was planned was that sis was supposed to arrive at Midway airport at 11:57 Friday night and we were to either drive 3 hrs to MI or get up super early to make a long trip to NY via MI saturday morning. i never would have physically made it, or i would have been miserable the ENTIRE ride home and would probably be sick the whole time i was home b/c i never had time to recoop. sis comes in to O'Hare at 7:30am Sunday morning, and then we'll head to NY via MI anyways. with two full days to get better, my vacation won't be spent napping and making sure i don't over-do anything so that i can be better by the time i return to Chicago for work next friday. yesterday (Friday) i probably slept 20 of the 24 hours of the day, which was great, except for the feeling like shit part. but today, even though i'm still a little weak, and am taking things a bit slowly, i feel much better and am able to clean my apartment, and pack so that i'm ready for the drive home tomorrow. hopefully the worst of the changes are over and the rest of the trip will go without a hitch:)

while getting ready this morning, i was thinking about Christmas and being home and all. i put on Christmas carols and have been getting into the Christmas spirit, more than i have been in a long time. i'm looking forward to being in NY and enjoying our neighborhood, my house and family, all of which/whom i haven't seen in a long time. i think Brayson is ready for his play dates with Zeke too, so that's good, though any minute, he'll start freaking out because i'm changing sheets on my bed and packing my clothes. He has a chronic fear of being left behind...poor guy:)

oh, and for the record. Alphabet vegetable soup is awesome when you're not feeling well...(just thought i'd throw that in there)



Blogger swannie said...

The best-laid plans of mice and men... It's good to have you home!!

8:58 PM  

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