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i can't wait any longer...

so, i haven't posted in a while cause i've had a lot going on. it's been four days and 245 mles, since i've had a new addition into the RV family...(which at this point includes me, my dog, my laptop Aiden, my ipod Nano Li'l Guy (a little materialistic, no?). I now introduce to you, the yet, un=named but begging for a kickass new toyota Yaris...

after debating the pros and cons of keeping my old car, and the pros and cons of purchasing a new one, i decided to go ahead and get all i could for my Geo Prizm which has served me very well over the last four years, and upgrade to a new car. i figured i either can ask a good price for the geo now, or put money into it as it starts to go down hill and not get anything for it down the road. this way, any money i'd be saving to fix it goes into the new one and i have no stress of getting stuck or stranded without a car. (fyi, if i don't have a car, i don't work)...and while the bargained but still overwhelming price of the new car is something to consider, i'm very happy and excited about the purchase, the research i did and the "i'll walk out if you don't give me what i want" attitude that got me a great deal on a brand new car.

the reason i've not said something sooner was cause i was hoping to get real pictures of it parked near my apartment to show it off, but my camera has conveniently stopped working and i have to finish the disposable camera i purchased in order to make it worth it. i miss having a digital camera with which i can see the pic right after i take it and delete as many times as i want, getting exactly what i want. i now have to go back what feels like 50 yrs to hoping that whatever was taken was centered, in focus and doesn't have my finger in it.

so yes, somewhat anti-climactic, but still amazing. it rides like a dream and it's sleek and sweet. anyone visiting chicago may request a personal ride, and if you're lucky, you just might get one:):) that is if i don't want to lose my parking

real pics are yet to come...(go down a few posts to see a pic from the internet. mine is the same color:))


time for a 're-post'...

so, this short clip was posted about a year ago...but after having talked about it yesterday, and watching it 4's time to have a "Re-post" and spread the fun around one more time...

please excuse the sometimes profane, completely stereotypical and UN- P.C. remarks...sit back and enjoy a laugh or two...

end of the world



should i stay or should i go??

we won...Chicago will be the location for the 2016's soo exciting:) even though it seems like decades away. i can't believe that it's actually less than 10 yrs away, but it's strange to think that if i actually stay in one place for the next few years, i might be here for the cool would that be?:):) so fun:) who knows...:)


itching for a change...

so, with both my father and my brother recently purchasing new cars...and with me running my car into the ground, i've been doing some research in the vehicle department in case my car goes caput...and because if my bro and dad can do it...why the hell can't i:):):)...anyways, this beauty: is the one i have my eye on...and it won't get out of my head.
last time i was in GR i test drove this baby with my dad, and i wasn't sure i liked the inside, but fell in love with the's fantastic. the more i think about it, the more i think how freakin fabulous it would be to have this car. problem is...MONEY...and even though the price is in a range i could would be a bit of a stretch and i wouldn't be able to pay off some of my loans as quickly. i've always been against spending a lot of money just out of school, and working on getting a handle on loans...but i've realized that with the line of work i'm in, having a dependable car is essential and i have days when i feel like...uh, if my car dies in this neighborhood i'm royally screwed...which isn't nice to have to worry about.

would i be trying to chase happiness and resolve in making a purchase that would really only bring more stress and money related chaos to my life? or would it be me allowing myself a pleasure in life that i work my ass off for???

in all reality, i know that any car i might purchase isn't going anywhere soon...if i wait 2 weeks, or 2 yrs, i'll be able to find a car to purchase, but i reallly, reallllly like this one, and kind of am itching to get one...if i ignore this itch will it go away? or does it have to be scratched in order for relief to come?? i guess only time will tell...


punching bags are entirely underestimated and under used.

not that i even had a bad day, but i've thought in the past and have thought again recently that a punching bag would be a great thing to have...a productive outlet for your stress and agression.

the reason the idea came up recently was because at work, my team and i were brainstorming about how one of our clients could manage his anger better...though the fact that he spent more than half of my life in prison for murder...made us question How productive a punching bag really would be to help manage his agression...hmm...

doesn't mean i can't use one though...



isn't it crazy?

isn't it crazy to think about what your life is going to be someday??

isn't it crazy to think about what your life has been?

isn't it crazy to think about what your life is...right now?


only in britain...