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my apologies sis...

i needed something a little more upbeat from my last posting that was somewhat depressing...


oh how i love that girl:)
i see you days...woohoo!!!!



so, i've realized that lately my life is drama-less, there is no drama, nothing extra ordinary, nothing to chat about, nothing really good or really bad. it just Is. and i'm fighting all urges to create drama just so i have something else to think about other than what i've been thinking about, which seems to be nothing interesting. i even find i'm talking myself out of liking someone i don't even like, just to have something to talk about, seeing as he's the only guy in this whole city that has shown any extra positive interest in me lately, other than inappropriate clients and married coworkers of course.

holy crap.

and it's not like i'm not doing things, or meeting people. i started playing softball on sunday afternoons, which involves all but 4 guys...the rest are girls, and poorly playing girls, but it's active and it's new people. i've been going out with friends to restaurants for dinner, and bars for drinks and the beach for walking; work has been going well, i've recently been recognized for my hard work, and things with coworkers/staff are going better than the past. and this is all good, and i'm certainly not complaining about it.

i'm not an overly dramatic person, introspective as all hell, but not dramatic, and i don't need/feed off of gossip or crazy events/relationships/scandel...but i Do struggle with just being, just being content with where things are. and i'm not sure if that's just a drive for things to be better than they are, if it's boredom, or if it's the fact that i need intense therapy to learn how to be happy. see, i'm making a big deal about not having one big deal to talk about.


oh well. maybe i should just go to sleep.

or maybe i just need to get laid...

(that was a joke...cue laughing)

or was it...

maybe i'll just get married and get it over with. marriage certainly seems to be all the rage these days...

and then i'll have tons of drama...



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last minute...

So, last night around 9:09pm i got a call from my sister:

Sis: hey how are you?
me: are you?
Sis: are you sleeping?
me: no, it's only 9pm.
Sis: are you in bed yet?
me: No, it's really only 9pm. Why?

then she proceeded to tell me that her friend from CO is in Chitown and wants to know if i wanna go with her to see Schuyler Fisk at the House of Blues at 9:30pm. so, i quickly changed into concert/low-key-club attire, hailed a cab and went to meet her friend and watch the show. at 9:30 on a Sunday night. it was a great show, and it was great to hang out with my sister's friend...:)

This is Tim Myers the band before Schuyler Fisk...he was really good. really good, and i don't usually like opening bands. (not as a rule, i just am not usually impressed...ok maybe kind of as a rule.)
check him out at myspace...

and this is Schuyler Fisk:not the best, as my camera couldn't get any closer...but such is life. Tim Myers is playing the bass guitar (on the right) as part of her band. they were also good:). She and my favorite and already-talked-about-swooned-over Joshua Radin were dating and recently broke up. Because of this, the great song Paperweight that everyone was yelling out for her to play couldn't be played cause he wasn't there to sing it with her. very sad.

She was actually in the Babysitter's club movie i think...i never watched it...
OHH, AND. so i'm sitting at the bar with CC and i turn around to see if the show is getting started or not, and someone is standing right behind me, but i know instantly that i've seen her on TV and she's famous. Turns out it's Schuyler's mom Sissy Spacek
see, here she is with a few um...really famous people...
and on the red carpet...
i think she's the first famous person i've seen in Chicago. i keep hoping to run into Oprah in H&M or Gap or something...but for now, Sissy Spacek will do:):)

and then there's us...laypeople of the world...but great just the same!!


signed sealed and delivered. or not really sealed or delivered, just signed.

a few weeks ago i had to decide whether i was going to stay in this apartment or if i was going to move. from the day i got the notice, i thought, 'NO BRAINER, i'm OUTTA HERE'. but then, the day that i had to really decide came and the night before i started to panic because even though i've complained about either lack of heat or way too many bugs since i moved in here just under two years ago, i wasn't sure i was ready to leave. Not ready to leave the amazing neighborhood i live in, the ability to walk downtown, walk to the beach, walk to my 2nd job. i was worried about what else i could afford, and where the other options for apartments would have to take me. but, i decided that i was going to be up for the challenge to look for something else and hope to improve my living situation.

I did a little preliminary looking just to see what i had gotten myself into, and was somewhat worried by the prices and locations and sizes of other apartments out there. Then i took a couple of weeks off. But then i started to have trouble sleeping, and i decided i had to start looking, for real. It's hard to look for an apartment though, (just in case there are people reading who have never had to...;)) there's a small window of time between afterwork and when it's too late to see apartments for the night, and especially when it's rush hour and it takes a while to get to each destination. So, for about 2 weeks, every day after work, i went to see apartments, as many as i could fit in, which was truly exhausting. The first apartment was sooo depressing. it was tiny, it had a gross floor and less kitchen counter space than i have now (which is already almost non-existant). the building smelled like a chinese restaurant (good for take out, bad for apartment). ewe. i started to find a few cool possibilities, but either were too expensive or too far away...but then...i saw a place that really seemed to fit. of course, i worried that if i take it now, then i might miss a better apartment later on, as i still have over 6 weeks until my lease is up and a lot of places might not even be advertized yet. i thought about it over the weekend and realized i was worrying more about waiting too long to sign on this apartment than if i would miss another place. But, if anyone knows me, i don't usually make big decisions right away, and i hemmed and hawed and hemmed and hawed a little more. finally i realized that i better 'shit or get off the pot' as they say. so i decided to...well...let's just say i didn't get off the pot!! and this afternoon i signed the lease. the best part is that i got a great deal on the place...including a my own parking space:):):) it's further north than i'd like, but it's just south of Wrigley Field where the Cubs play...which is awesome, and it's still close to the water...which is also great!

so, another big choice in my life. i can't believe i'll be moving soon, and leaving this area. but...where i'm moving to is great as well, and just a few 'L' stops from down town...also, i'm in control of my own heat, and it's on the third floor, so i'm hoping for less bugs...and seeing as i just killed a centipede i saw crawling on the wall, i'm glad to be getting out of here...


thanks...i think??

so, today, i was visiting one of my clients. As i put my boots on again in preparation to leave, she said completely out of the blue "you look like you've put on some pounds", this after seeing me only last tuesday. My reaction, without falling off the one foot i was standing on while putting a boot on the other, was something to the effect of "well, i'm not sure that's something i was hoping to hear, haha" trying to make light of it... she then replied "oh, but don't worry, it's all in the right places". thanks?? or something. i don't even know what that means. i know i'm not as thin as i used to's what winter, eating too much and not exercising enough will do to a gal, but it's never nice to hear, even if it's someone who's opinion doesn't really matter at the end of the day...though maybe a little, as i AM writing a post about it...

and the weather is getting warmer, i better shed a few before i can no longer hide behind layers of winter coats, boots and scarves:)