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last minute...

So, last night around 9:09pm i got a call from my sister:

Sis: hey how are you?
me: are you?
Sis: are you sleeping?
me: no, it's only 9pm.
Sis: are you in bed yet?
me: No, it's really only 9pm. Why?

then she proceeded to tell me that her friend from CO is in Chitown and wants to know if i wanna go with her to see Schuyler Fisk at the House of Blues at 9:30pm. so, i quickly changed into concert/low-key-club attire, hailed a cab and went to meet her friend and watch the show. at 9:30 on a Sunday night. it was a great show, and it was great to hang out with my sister's friend...:)

This is Tim Myers the band before Schuyler Fisk...he was really good. really good, and i don't usually like opening bands. (not as a rule, i just am not usually impressed...ok maybe kind of as a rule.)
check him out at myspace...

and this is Schuyler Fisk:not the best, as my camera couldn't get any closer...but such is life. Tim Myers is playing the bass guitar (on the right) as part of her band. they were also good:). She and my favorite and already-talked-about-swooned-over Joshua Radin were dating and recently broke up. Because of this, the great song Paperweight that everyone was yelling out for her to play couldn't be played cause he wasn't there to sing it with her. very sad.

She was actually in the Babysitter's club movie i think...i never watched it...
OHH, AND. so i'm sitting at the bar with CC and i turn around to see if the show is getting started or not, and someone is standing right behind me, but i know instantly that i've seen her on TV and she's famous. Turns out it's Schuyler's mom Sissy Spacek
see, here she is with a few um...really famous people...
and on the red carpet...
i think she's the first famous person i've seen in Chicago. i keep hoping to run into Oprah in H&M or Gap or something...but for now, Sissy Spacek will do:):)

and then there's us...laypeople of the world...but great just the same!!


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