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turning green

Turns out, St Patty's day in chi town is a HUGE deal, almost as big as the fourth of july, minus a few fireworks. There's a parade, the city turns the canal water green, and people go out in droves in green shirts, hats, coats, boots. It's like a college football game. i even saw a poor dog wearing a headband with paper cloves on the end of springs. it was a sad moment for the dog. every bar is decorated, every store becomes 'Irish'. it's funny. They even have parties starting at 8am just so you're drunk before noon...and every hour thereafter.

Green beer mostly tastes the same, mostly looks like a super sweet glass of Kool aid, mostly kind of weird. i went to a party last night, and it was more of the same, kind of college-party meets happy irish-wannabe's...good times!

Apparently Irish is the thing to be...i must have missed the memo...:)


Blogger Sheonaid said...

you just wait till tomorrow....:)

10:01 PM  
Blogger iloveredheads said...

and here i thought that was how the world celebrated st. patricks day..only to be hugely disappointed being over here a whole heck of a lot closer to actual Ireland..and not even a tiny bit as much festivities as back in chicago...dang it....that's where the party is at

1:00 PM  

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