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you know you're too busy when...

you don't have time to go to the grocery store for milk and so you drink what you have in the

you took a shower at 4pm last night so decide to go to work without one the next morning...GROSS

you can't remember which pile of clothes was clean and which one was dirty and you hope that you pick a clean shirt while forming your outfit for the day.

you order in because of the value of a clean fork and knife...every other piece of flat-wear is unwashed and laying crusty in the kitchen sink--along with every plate, bowl and cup that you own

you sigh a Big sigh of relief when you return home much later than planned and don't have a mound of dog poop on the middle of your kitchen floor

you can't remember the days when the Olympics were NOT on every night

you went all day thinking it's's only Wednesday
yep that's me!