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for those of you waiting with bated breath...

i know, i have been too...waiting in eager anticipation for what amazing mastery has finally been used to fix the leak in my sadly damp and quite unspeakedly DISGUSTING kitchen.

well, ladies and gents...they came to fix my leak, and i have no water in my kitchen. however, the fact that men were in my apartment was undeniably clear due to evidence all over my apartment. A) the toilet seat was up, and a nasty muck ring from some dirty glass was left on the heater in my bathroom. i serioulsy cleaned the entire bathroom before i used it myself. then, B) i went to the kitchen to find that yes, they had been there...there was a recently plastered rectangle in the wall that had obviously been opened and poorly closed again. two of the tiles from the corner of the floor, which had been removed sat. morning are still on my counter, not properly returned to their original place to finish the already unfortunate state of my floor, there's a kind of goo running down the baseboard and plaster dripped on the floor. am i supposed to thank them for stopping the leak...FINALLY? and call it a day, or am i to call my landlord "Ben" back for another shot at getting my apartment in some kind of normal and acceptable livable state...because, seriously...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ALEADY...

i truly am just so tired. so tired. so tired of this whole sad scenario.


Blogger bexala said...

I'm so sorry, Shay Shay. Shaka Kahn!$!%$#!%^#^

10:04 AM  

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