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no one came to fix my leak monday.

no one came to fix my leak tuesday.

someone came to fix my leak today, but b/c they heard brayson bark, they didn't come in...even though brayson was closed into my bedrooom and wouldn't've bothered them at all. they left a note on my door handle.

i almost blew up the handle when i got the note and called my landlord fuming. of course the guy i talked to on the phone wasn't the guy i talked to on sunday, so he was like "i didn't know about it"...then, because i was almost yelling, he said "hold on a minute and settle down (with a tone of annoyance). i'll tell them the dog is closed up and someone will fix the problem tomorrow". which frankly made me even more mad cause he wouldn't let me finish explaining why i was so mad. because of this, he just thinks i'm a bitch. maybe that's a good thing, but i don't like people thinking i'm a bitch. and i know he probably didn't know about it. i'm still sick of the leak and the drenched towels on the floor and the damp smell and having to lock my dog in my room again tomorrow...stupid landlord.

other than that, i took the train to work today cause work consisted of a Staff Development day at the Hyatt downtown. my coworker met me this morning at my apartment, and then we met up with another coworker on the 'L' and then took a bus to the hotel. i felt so 'city-girl'. and it was nice not to have to drive:) yay for public transportation:):)

time for food...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

way to be a bitch, Reshae :) AREN'T!! you are just sticking up for yourself. for heaven's sake, they need to just fix the damn thing!:)

1:06 AM  

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