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our tax dollars put to good saving my life

so, yesterday, i joined the kids of the neighborhood walking around, though i wasn't dressed up or getting candy from every apartment building doorman or store owner. i walked downtown a bit to buy some shoes...which i've been meaning to buy for the last few days but haven't been able to get there before they closed. i finally made it to the store before it closed, but the shoes i wanted to purchase, unfortunately didn't fit me. their size 9 were tight, and the guy working looked like i was crazy when i told him that i usually fit into an 8.5 or a nine. whatever pal, i'm just pissed i can't buy the shoes.

anyways, i was walking back to my apartment and from down about 6 blocks, i looked ahead and saw that there were lights flashing near to what i thought was the block of my apartment building. as i got closer, i realized that in fact, it was my block and it was on my side of the street. then, even closer still, i had quickened my pace, i saw a fireman come out of my building door. i just about flipped out as my dog was still inside, and who knows what kind of situation had just taken place.

i saw a woman that i've met before with her dog, talking to other firemen, and when she seemed to be done with them, i walked over to ask if everything was ok, and what the hell happened. apparantly, while she was taking a nap, one of the electrical outlets shorted and sparked, which started the wire on fire, and then a mop close to the wire on the floor. luckily, her dog had woken her up and she was able to get out and call 911 after having tried to get the fire out two times. she lives on the 4th floor, and the guy who lives under her had apparantly freaked out when he came home b/c of his dog.

needless to say, a few seconds could have changed everything yesterday. and i don't think i'll see that woman and her dog again...not sure i'd stay. the fire chief said it wasn't her suck for the landlord.



Blogger Jennifer Ellen said...

So glad you and your pooch are safe and well!

8:04 PM  
Blogger iloveredheads said...

me too

11:27 AM  

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