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bumbing wireless internet isn't as easy as one might think

omg...i have internet...yeayayayaya... the first day i moved in i got internet from someone else's wireless connectiong..for about 20 mins. and i haven't been able to connect since. so this morning, i turned on my computer to listen to some classical music while i'm getting ready to go to church, and here it is...i think. i have to do this quickly before i get knocked off again...

life in chicago is great...moving day was better than expected and stopped raining by 10 am..we got the truck at 11, so all was good. since then, i've been in my apartment now for a week...and it's been great. spent hours cleaning, mostly the kitchen was really bad, but i've put most things away except for kitchen stuff, cause i'm still waiting for the leak to be fixed, and the smell to go away. i was hoping that the pipes they replaced before i moved in were all it needed, and eventually everything would dry out and be good, but it's still leaking and the smell is really bad. so i finally called the landlord yesterday and he has a guy coming in on monday to fix the leak and figure out how to get rid of the the rotting what i say. we'll see if they agree.

yesterday i took a walk downtown with brayson...around Michigan ave, around the John Hancock building...wishing i could go in for a great piece of cheesecake from the cheesecake factory down below...but alas...i'll wait til i have company and head out there:) on the way back to my apartment, i walked by a great farmers market that took up more than two blocks of blocked off three blocks from my place. i'll have to check it out next week...i felt weird walking through fruit and food with that allowed?? dont' know. anyways, this town is great...tonight, i'm headed to a Funky Buddah with a friend from work for poetry readings or something...only in a big city, right?? haha

as i don't have the funds quite yet, after moving, to get internet for myself, i will hopefully be able to bumb off of this connection a few more times in the near future...soon, very soon:)

i'll be trying a presbyterian church this morning. i stopped by there the other day on my way to H&M on Michigan ave to find out what kind of programs they have for '20 somthing' adults. the woman was very nice and helpful, and listed all the programs...choirs, handbells, bible studies...but nothing for '20 somethings'. at my disappointed face, she replied 'hm...we have everything else except that...we probably should though, sorry'...story of my church-going life. i think that church goers skipped a generation. i have almost never had people my age interested in struggling through what it means to be a christian, or people searching for fellow believers to just hang out with. maybe i should just try another church...but for this morning, i'll go anyways.

church in the morning, buddist poetry reading at night...gotta love it...;)

until next time i can get on the internet..i'm out...

oh, here are a few pics of my new place...still messy and still in process, but here they are none-the-less....for now:)

my living room:)

other side of living room...still have unpacking to do:)

pooch and fabulous mosaic tyle floor:):)

that's it for now...i'm out


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie,

your apartment is starting to look good!! Keep the pics available. Your pooch looks great too. Nice close-up. :)

Love, dad

12:31 PM  
Blogger swtpmarie said...

I hope I get to see your place someday...I LOVE the floor. And I think B missed you. He can't get close enough in that picture! Call me!

3:22 PM  

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