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another countdown

so, a week from tonight, i will be sitting in my new apartment...with all my stuff...still in boxes, but all mine...:):) i know it's only seven days, but when it's so close yet still not here, it seems like forever.

and i'll have another goodbye to make as the amazing Scott family who has more-than-hospitably housed me, and offered so much help and care and support. i really couldn't've done all this without them. this weekend, ms. scott was in town, and i was invited to spend the day with her and Steph...Steph showed me around Naperville (another suburb near Wheaton) and then the three of us headed out to IKEA to do a bit of shopping, after which the Scott family, minus Jenny, and plus Steph's boyfriend and two of mr. Scott's former students...we all went to an Argentinian restuarant downtown Naperville. Wonderful food and discussion about whether Christians should be CIA agents was much more. after dinner included a competative game of Settler's of Catan...which i won, but i have to say, only with the helpful hints of everyone else in the begining as they taught me how to play. Wonderful fellowship with wonderful people:)

tomorrow begins another week, and if it was anything like last week, friday will be here before we know it, and i will finally be an actual resident of chicago. i look forward to settling down, learning my neighborhood, enjoying my dog and, as i've joked with a few friends already...taking as much time in the bathroom as i want...haha. You know you know what i'm talking about, so don't judge...

also, i've decided i either have to find better hobbies, or i have to get a part time job. i don't know what to do with myself with two whole days off every weekend. it's an adjustment, and i'm having difficulty with nothing to do. today, i took a walk, read a book, watched a movie and took a nap all by 3pm. so, to occupy the rest of my time, i drove around Wheaton/Lombard/Naperville, ending up at a mall, and spending more money than i should have. if i don't find a better way to spend my weekends, i'll have no money left. in all reality, i have purchased most things of which i knew i had to more pants for work, pots and pans at IKEA..things like that. other than one more pair of shoes, i'm really done for a while...but still, this can't continue. i want to join a book club i think...but i'll have to find one to join...and maybe play softball through the Y or something. that will help meet people too...i feel too deprived of social interaction.

anyways, i'm out for another while...i think i'll read a bit more and then hit the sack...and remind myself that when i never had days off, all i wanted was some time to do nothing...i know i need to stop complaining, but the work-fiend in me doesn't want to let go...

6 days and counting...


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