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free fallin...almost

so, my brother's roommate and a couple of friends went sky diving yesterday. i went with my bro to watch..and give moral support. he said he'd never be able to jump, but i've wanted to go skydiving forever, so they were trying to convince me to do it too. the problem was, really, i have an extra 200 bucks to spend on skydiving or should i wait and use it to buy new pots and pans when i move in two weeks cause i threw my old ones i finally decided i wanted to jump out of a plane, but by the time i told the guy, he said they didn't have time for me to go too...booo... so i finally convinced myself to do it, but then i couldn't. but the three other people did it...and it was SOOO cool to crazy:) i'm soo gonna do it some day. anyone wanna go with me? apparantly there's a place to go in chicago and they go all year round, but holy shit would it be really cold in the winter..haha. they say it's 30 degrees colder up in the plane than it is on the ground. next summer, i'm gonna do it...

now, i'm sitting in my bro's apartment, listening to Aquaduct and Joel read Huck Finn to me and Tamar...soon it's time for me to leave. boo:)


Blogger iloveredheads said...

reshae, i'll do it! I've been thinking about doing it this summer too...let me know when and i'll be there...woohoo!!!

10:45 AM  

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