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i'm going to cut off my nose and scrape out the insides

maybe THEN, i'll have some relief...

i never understood what my mom and sister went through with allergies until this summer...i figured i had gotten away with out ever having to worry about stuffy noses, headaches and allergy medicine. however, for the last two months, it has been nothing but non-stop, my throat has been sore for about 5 weeks from sneezing so much.

first i thought it was b/c of my dog...i hadn't cleaned my old aparmtemt much cause i was working too many hours. then i figured it was cause of the dust from my dirty apartment from when i was packing, and again, i bearly cleaned my apartment...
but now, i've been moved out from there for just over 2 weeks, and today is the worst i've had in a long time. it took over an hour for the allergy medicine to start to work, and even now, i'm constantly sniffling and blowing my nose. my new coworker asked if i was sick the other which i, i just have really bad allergies. and even in saying it, it's so foreign to me, i've never had to worry about it. and i don't even really know how to make it better if the allergy medicine isn't working. do i go to a doctor? to i buy a special mask so that allergens can't make it to my nose, eyes and throat?? or do i just cut off my nose and scrape out the insides to clean it out, and start over? hmm...well, i don't have medical coverage for 90 days from 8/28, so i have a little longer to have to suffer, and at that point, hopefully the summer season will be completely gone from my system and my sinuses will be snot/allergen free.

(aside: allergies were so bad this year that even my dog got an allergic skin infection...poor guy)

i won't really look that weird w/o a nose right? good think i wear contact lenses...


Blogger rebecca said...

Hi Reshae!
Glad your move to Chicago went well. I feel your pain with the allergies. I have year-round allergies. These are my recommendations: look up websites on how to allergy-proof your apartment, make your bedroom the "clean" room in your house (change sheets weekly, dust frequently, buy pillow allergy liners, consider getting an air purifier), buy saline nose spray (it will help your nose from getting clogged), consider getting a Rx for flunisolide nasal spray (it's a corticosteroid, costs me about $40 a month, it's one of the cheapest out there), and take OTC clartin or claritin D every 24 hrs. Hope this helps! Sorry, the nurse in me couldn't help but give you some advice to help you through until you can see a doctor.

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