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a bouncer's life is not for me

me: um, excuse me, but i need to see your ID and there's a three dollar cover charge
first person to walk through door: (strange looks of confusion) um...haha
me: yes, there's a band tonight and there's a 3 dollar cover charge
first person to walk through door: (more strange looks at his wife)
me: HUH???
first person to walk through door: um, i'm the owner of this bar..
me: (open mouth, insert foot) oh...i'm sorry, i'm a dumbass

in all reality...after that moment of embarrassment, i was a 'bouncer' for another 30 mins or so with my friend tamar...and then i was relieved of my duties...

dumb bar managers who didn't have their own person to man the door...
dumb situations that make me feel stupid for doing what i'm told...

fun shows with my brother and friend playing and making music for 3.5 hrs...
fun after shows hanging out with the band and his groupies...haha


Blogger swtpmarie said...

I'm sorry, but the thought of you as a bouncer just makes me giggle. So know that you made me laugh. Once again. :)

6:29 AM  

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