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yes, i have too much time at work to be writing blogs every day...that's what you get with the 11p-7a shift i guess

so, while reading some articles from the American Counseling Association website, (, i came across an article titled Marriage Maintenance...and even though i'm no where near marriage, i always find 'relationship based' information interesting. now, while not every divorce is due to this statement, i do think it rings true more often than we want to admit...

"But I personally believe (the divorce rate) has to do with what I call the ‘fast food mentality' of our culture...It's that mentality that if you don't like what you have, then you just move on and get a new one instead of dealing with the challenges."

Then, as a SIDEBAR, Relationship danger zones are listed...pretty obvious, but i mention it b/c of the last one...
--The birth of the first child.
--Children becoming teenagers.
--A woman turning 30 or a man turning 40.
--The empty nest years.
and then
--Retirement. (i had to put this in here...) Young recounts what one woman told him about how difficult it was to suddenly have her husband home all day, every day. "I've been cooking his eggs for 30 years," she said, "and now he wants to tell me how to do it."

ok, so not all men are like that, but i can only imagine how many of them are. despite the "this is tough, i'll try something else" mentality we see so much these days, my hope is that the "less socially defined gender roles in relationships" of the 21st century hold stronger, and we won't be hearing those kind of comments when i'm in retirement...

my response to the husband... "make your own damn eggs"...


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