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almost every time i say/write something, it changes

"never plan on anything until it actually happens"...this seems to deem true sooo often. i feel like the second i make arrangements for something, plan everything out, it changes, and i have to start all over again. so, perhaps i should proceed writing with caution, as the second i write it, it might no longer be true. needless to say, i can't wait til i finally have everything settled and i'm actually in my new job and apartment. until then, things are always subject to change, and change they did..

how so, you may ask? well, i'm not entirely sure how things will pan out, but i received a phone call this afternoon while sleeping, which stated that the packet from HR that i need to fill out before i can start training on Aug 28 can not be completed via fax, but needs to be done IN PERSON. well, already, getting to chicago by the 27th to start the 28th is quite a bit of work on quite short notice. to actually get there on the 25th is pushing it..and so, i will probably have to wait til the 11th of Sept to begin training, so that i have time to get everything done, AND head to HR before i start...urghghghghgghgh. hopefully things will be decided tomorrow, and i can actually PLAN on something.

side note: chocolate pudding, while not solving any problems, certainly makes dealing with all this craziness a little more, i didn't lick the container, though i thought about it...yum, yummm...


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