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another of many sleepless nights (part II)

so...i've had some time to get (a few) things figured out, and i can say that chaos is somewhat calmed, or is merely postponed til the end of next month.

unless my landlord changes his mind...i am staying in morgantown for another month. i begged him to consider giving me til the end of august for me to live in my apt, and i spoke with my ruby supervisor who stated they'd love to have me another month. so, i've decided, if i'm making money here, and have a place to live, why move to a place where i won't be making money and don't have a place to live...hopefully i'll get to sleep a bit better for a while:)

on a completely unrelated and completely trite topic...i've been noticing some personal trends. other than typing '...' everywhere in everything i ever type, i've also noticed myself saying 'i know, right?' to about everyone that i talk to, and about 100 times a day. tonight i was reading through a magazine, while staying awake at work, and apparantly, in terms of Abiguous Expressions, "whatever" is Cold and "i know, right?" is Hot. i read that and stopped short...i didn't realize that all of pop culture was saying it's amazing when you're hit in the face with a clear example of how society has influences over you that you don't even realize. oh, and for the record...i'll list a few of the 'Colds' and 'Hots' this season. most of the 80s trends that unfortunately seem to be rearing their ugly heads i think are nasty, but some new trends are in my favor...for example, it so happens "no butts about it, rumps are all the rage"...that is if you believe everything in magazines. though in this case, i think i'll take it..hehe.

(i tried to format this differently, but it didn't work. Note ':'s and ";"s)
Category: Cold; Hot
Flattering Eyebrow Shape: Thin and arched; Semi-bushy
Extensions: Hair; Lashes
The New Black: Green; Black
Cardio: Fitness DVDs; Downloadable iPod workouts
Sexiest Criminal: The Sopranos' Michael Imperioli; Prison Break's Wentworth Miller
(yes, i agree)
New Boot Look: Cowboy boots with gauzy dress; Ankle boots with tights (EEEK)
Killer Comeback: Teri Hatcher; Mariah Carey (don't care for either one)
'80's Look That's in Again: Off-the-shoulder tops; Black leggings (EEEK)
Red-Carpet Updo: Flawless twists; Messy, natural styles (yes)
Calls-it-like-it-is-Comedians: Jon Stewart; Stephen Colbert (sure)
Must-Have Dog: Chihuahua; Puggle (neither, my dog Brayson wins)
Buzzed-About Show: Desparate Housewives; Grey's Anatomy

so...for those of you who even can decide what you agree with as being chic and what you hope is a short stop on its way out the door.

ok, that about sums it up for the present moment
Current time: 6:13 am
Current location: Ruby Memorial Hospital Admissions Dept
Current time of Departure: 7:30am


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