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ok, so, for those of you who are loyal readers, my apologies for slacking on updating my blog. i've been busy/bored/sick of the computer...and also, i wanted to bask in the glory of the "I am Canadian" post of 06/08/06..cause in all seriousness, it's Fabulous. (if for some reason you still haven't seen it 8 times, get to it:)) or it could be cause my one faithful comment writer is out of the country for a few weeks, and so i figured i didn't want too many commentless posts...miss you mel.

also, i really dont' have too much to talk about. i work all the time, i still don't have a job or any leads in chicago, and yes, i'm still planning on going anyways by the end of july. my insanity has not changed a bit.

what has been somewhat new is the fact that i had 2 whole days off...that's right, read it TWO DAYS OFF. i almost didn't know what to do with myself...but alas, i filled the time relaxing, sleeping, watching tons of World Cup soccer and US Open golf, got to go dancing with some great people, and the 90 degree 5:30pm heat, i got to finally play tennis with my friend damien. his friend Yemi came too, and so i beat both guys in 2 hours. it was beautiful...except for the fact that i was dripping sweat the Entire time. i'm sure that part wasn't soo beautiful. but it was great cause Yemi, after watching damien and me play for a while, joked about the fact that he should play both of us together cause we weren't as good as he was...then i beat him. but i didn't rub it in, no, no...ok, maybe a little:) love you yemi:) haha

so, back to another week...and i have to say, it's not good when you wake up in the morning from a dream about being at work, come to and realize that you actually have to go to work...haha. mais, c'est la vie. payday is friday..yumm.

alright, that's my humble 2 cents for another day.


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