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moving to do list

due to the rush of moving out of state (really only six days before originally planned) my mind is continuously filled with things i need to do before i leave. now that i'm working nights for the next 6 days, sleeping is a very important necessity, so i can't waste too much time trying to remember everything when i should be sleeping...cause, OMG, the headaches...

To Do List:
1. make sure i have enough boxes to fit all my stuff
2. decide how many of my possessions, which currently reside in a spacious 2 bedroom apartment, will actually fit in half the space...
3. after realizing my desk will not fit in new apartment, ask aaron if he wants it
4. call all utilities and give 'shut-off' date - gas, electric, water, cable, phone, trash
5. get the fork and knife that fell behind the stove 3 months ago...umm, yeah.
6. decide if i should finish all alcohol in my apartment or throw it out
7. take an afternoon/evening to drink all alcohol instead of throwing it all out
9. get address changed on all important continuing bills i.e. school loans, credit card, cell phone
10. stock up on dog food for pooch
11. love pooch as much as possible cause i'll be without him for 5 weeks...BOOOOOO
12. take a different afternoon to eat food in fridge i.e. pickles, and food in pantry i.e. canned/boxed goods
13. other...

anything i forgot? i'm sure i'll add to the list as i go. but i think that's a good start.

two weeks from today i'll have left west virginia...


Anonymous Hot EMT said...

Just to help you along, I'll take that pesky alcohol off your hands...

5:43 AM  
Blogger Reshae said...

thanks...i have some black and tan in the fridge...we'll get our drink

12:38 AM  

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