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in the next 48 hrs

in the next 48 hrs, i have to:

-bring brayson to the vet to get meds to stop him from scratching
-get front passenger side tire fixed so that it doesn't blow on the highway on the way out of WV
-finish packing-put things i still have been using the last few days into boxes
-clean my entire apartment
-go to the dog park one last time with a friend
-buy more bandaids for the huge blisters on my feet from two nights ago when i wore new heels to fallfest and walked a mile to and from the parkinglot--but they were adorable and it was completely worth it
-buy more garbage bags
-spend time with a few friends before i go
-bring extra clothes to goodwill
-pay sprint bill
-get u-haul truck
-pack u-haul truck
-buy pizza for friends who are helping me pack
-buy air mattresses so that me and pop have somewhere to sleep friday night
-drive to MI and unpack entire truck into bro's apartment/basement

what i'm loving:
-sleeping nights instead of working nights
-my dog...i'm going to MISS HIM SO
-Mushaboom by Fiest (Bright Eyes does their own version too, but i like Fiest better)
-playing with hot EMTs before i leave town
-sitting in my apartment...i do love it and will miss it so
-neosporin for my poor blistered feet
-time for sleep...yumm:)

sweet dreams:)


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