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so, it's my second to last night shift and my third to last Ruby Memorial Hospital...and while i'm kinda sad, i'm kinda not so sad...i look forward to sleeping at night...every night:)

i almost lost my dog on my way to work tonight, again. he's such a brat...squeezes his way through the door when i leave and jumps through the screen on the porch. but, this time, i got really smart. the reason he tries to leave isn't cause he wants to run away, but b/c he doesn't want me to leave without, i opened the car door, and turned on the car. after making one trip around my yard, i came back to find him cowering in the back seat...PERRFECT:) i'm brilliant. he was NOT happy to be brought back to the house, but too least i still have him:)

here are some fun pics i just had to share. some people crack me up:)
they're priceless:)



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