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omg tired

ok, so, last midnight shift...and i'm not quite sure i'm gonna make it...last night i didn't get tired once, and tonight, i've been tired since before i got here. mostly the fault of my landlord who called me while i was sleeping at 1:00pm, stating that i had to call to change the utilities b/c he tried to and wasn't able to. so needless to say, i didn't go to sleep when i was done with that, cause it took about an hour and then my hot EMT friend came over to hang out, after which i did some more packing and went to Fallfest with a friend i won't see again for a long time. food at d.p.dough and more time with my former students...always good:) they're wonderful:)

work has come and involves just over 2.5 hours left. today, i'll get to go for dinner at the newly opened cheddars and sleep in my bed during SLEEP HOURS:) YAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY:)

i was hoping that writing this would help keep me awake, but it seems to be putting me to sleep, i keep 'coming to' and having to retype cause i'm writing jiberish...haha no good:)


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