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i'm trying not to be's not even noon yet, and i'm getting nervous about gettin to wheaton on time, even though i have ample time...and tomorrow. tamar had the great idea of finding a coffee shop in the area so that just in case i'm early, i'll have somewhere to go and sit...

time with bro and his friends is always great...and i'm soo excited, cause next weekend, he and joel are playing at rocky's for 3 i'll get to see them:) it was even suggested that i play with them...but we'll see...i'm not sure i could handle that with the rest of my week...prolly better to just get to sit and watch them:):)

on a sad side...i said goodbye to brayson today...for five weeks. it was a sad moment, but i don't think he even realized it..which is actually a good thing. he got into dad's car and didnt' give any problems...i hope that he continues to be good for dad...and that he takes his medications and has fun with zeke...

that's just about it...

breath, breath:)


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