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sometimes things just aren't meant to work out

so, i think i got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, even though the other side of the bed is against the wall.

work went well, and i thought i was in the clear, but then craziness happened:

1. i have to get a Residential Parking Permit before i move in two weeks so that i can park on the streets near my apartment...but to get the Parking Permit, i need a City sticker...and for a City Sticker i need Illinois registration and License plates, and for them, i need a license, and for the license i need a proof of residency ( lease). so..i've been slowly taking care of these steps, one by one...and all before all of the places where i can get these things close for the day, which means i can usually get one thing done a day. (also added were the tasks of opening a bank account, cash my paychecks...blah blah blah. so, last week, i got the bank account, picked up the copy of my lease and got my license...successful week. today...not so successful. i went to the DMV to get license plates today, and after a 45 minute treck there, (the closest DMV to where i's all city driving time) the gates are closed and there's a large "CLOSED MONDAYS" sign. boooo..

2. so i decide to still take advantage of the afternoon and go to the bank instead and put some cash in my account, after having cashed my paycheck at a different bank last friday, i really don't want all that cash on me. all the branches i looked up earlier last week were downtown where my new apartment is going to be and were open til 6:30pm...but i needed a branch on the west side of the city, so i went to a gas station to get some addresses from a phone book. after picking the one that seemed the closest and on my way home, i began my search for my bank. only to find that 1803 Harlem Ave wasn't a bank but an apartment and no one in the area knew where the bank was. so i decided to head back north to the highway, and noticed that the numbers were goin back towards zero, so i kept going north, and the numbers, after hitting zero started going back up. i finally arrived at the bank at 6:03, only to find a sign that stated that the bank hours were from 8-6:00pm...arghhh

3. annoyed, and shouting explitives back in the car, i noticed a kinkos down the street, one which i despirately need because my annoying landlords called me friday to state that, yes, they had received both of my checks, but they don't have a signed copy of my lease in my file...stating that they don't believe me when i say that it was faxed to them, and 'oh, we need you to fax it again'...which involves me faxing my signed copy back to my father who had to co-sign with me when i was applying for the apartment without a job...and he then signing it and faxing it to my landlord. i was supposed to fax it from kinkos over the weekend, but i i went to send, and ended up waiting over 15 minutes for the damn thing to go through. on top of that, i went to pay for the transaction, thinking that it would be maybe $.50 per sheet of paper or a flat rate of $5.00 for using the fax machine or something...oh no, my dear friends, it was nothing near that. the woman states "15.89 please" which i almost chocked on my gum and said FIFTEEN EIGHTY NINE?????????. 'yes,' she replies calmly and takes my prized 20 dollar bill, as i start to cry a little inside. i honeslty almost started crying outside too cause i was so damn mad...again, explitives were shouted in my car and for about 10 minutes. holy shit.

my mom convinced me to buy dinner somewhere, sit and read a book, and's been a rough 3 hours.

and yet...i'd say it was a good day, and i'm still extatic about being here. though the prices of things continue to annoy the hell out of me, and i'm really looking forward to having all these 'new town' errands to be done and over with.

a good thing though, this weekend i called and finally talked to a uhaul employee (after making about 10 unanswered phone calls last week) and she refunded the amount that they had overcharged me when moving...good things do happen...really, i know they do:):)

ok, i'm out. steph needs her computer and room back:):) time to go watch the end of Motorcycle Diaries and read more from my book. cant' wait to do it all again tomorrow...or something like that...;)


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