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so ghetto

so, i finally found a way to cover my front window. i've been living without curtains or blinds of any kind on my one big front window while i chill in my apartment watching tv or reading or walking around naked...ok, maybe not naked...but anyways...i've most of the time felt completely creaped out b/c everyone and anyone...maybe not everyone, but certainly anyone...could walk by and see me sitting there w/o me even knowing it. perfect for any kind of stalker with a big telescope or set of binoculars to check out my every move. or at least my every move in my living/dining room space. i tried to pin up some curtains, but i think my walls are made of cement or something b/c every pin i put in bent or broke off. also, the long pole that had been used in the past broke the first day i tried to hang curtains and brayson tore them down the moment i left the apartment. aka...pole too short to hang curtains.

the brilliant yet ghetto thought came upon me as i walked into my apartment today..finally. and i nearly laughed at myself that i hadn't thought of it before. the hooks that those white metal curtain rods hang on, those curtain rods that everyone used to have in the 80's, and probably still do...well, those hooks that the rods fit into...there's a pair of them where that long pole used to hang. i decided i'd use that nice long curtain horizonatlly across the window instead of like a normal curtain that hangs to the floor.


now stalkers can't see me sit on the couch or type on the internt.


here's a pic to show what the hell i mean cause my guess is my explanation wasn't exactly helpful. so, here you go...

this is brayson looking at my ghetto curtain...i don't think he's as thrilled about it as i am. or maybe it's just cause he hates getting his pic taken. hmm..

oh, and is it disrespectful to call something 'ghetto' if it's in relation to something that's an excuse for something else?? well, when it's put that way, yes, it's very disrespectful and offensive. however, i like to think of my curtain as inventive and unique...?? which is true. i guess it's not considered politically correct. my apologies to anyone reading who might be offended. though i think it helps get my point across.

this post is SO done..

i'm out.


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