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why is change so hard?

so, blogger is offering a new and improved version for blogspot blogs. but i'll admit, i'm a little afraid of changing and 'upgrading' as they say, because i know how to use blogger. since i've had THis blog, i have figured out, on a VERY basic level, how to manuver a few things with HTML, add, get rid of, and change color and format, a bit...i'm afraid that with the new version i'm not going to be able to do it and i'm afraid of this blog that is really my baby changing to something that i won't like. also, the new version offers options that i don't need to use...for example: i can decide who reads my blog by adding people's email addresses. well, i think half of the people who i at least know reads this blog, i don't know their email addresses, and then all of the other random unknowns who read this blog wouldn't have such a privilege (if i may be so bold...) of reading in on this strange and odd little life of mine if i didn't have all of their addresses...which obviously i won't.

what to do...what to do...

though, i'll admit, the curiosity is building and one of these days i'm just gonna break...


Blogger bexala said...

That's funny because I felt the same this week. I thought...what if I change and I hate it?

10:19 PM  

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