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once upon a time...

three people spent the weekend together. this is what happened:

1.picked up sis from the airport and got to show her where i've been living for the last 2 months.
2.went to local coffee shop to wait for brother to join us.
3.hung out in the apartment all afternoon trading music and great stories...
4.tried to see how many people can fit into my kitchen

5.went bar hopping all night long...and in between bars and drinks...discussed a deep, life changing issue or two up too early and barely made it to church
7.realized i couldn't find my car/apartment/work keys and started to freak out
8.found keys in the ignition of my car, where i had left them the night before, but b/c i couldn't find my extra key...
9.enjoyed walking ALL over Lincoln Park and eating at Pasta Bowl after a few trips on the "L"
10.said goodbye to it was getting dark, went to get my car/apartment/work keys from my car (after scowering apartment and finding spare key) and realized i needed a jump start cause my battery had died
12.asked guy who lived in building near my car to help...but it didn't help approached by a man riding a bike saying that he was a mechanic and could help us out...
14.started feeling very nervous by homeless man posing as a mechanic as he told my sis not to talk to him b/c she wasn't the owner of the car, he smelled like alcohol and wouldn't leave us alone after we told him we had help on the way and for him to leave us alone.
15.ended up yelling at the man after he continued to come over and ask for money and almost called the cops.
16.called tow truck to try to jump start my car
17.was nervous about letting tow guy take my car to an automotive shop i've never heard of after he kept offering me deals and not charging me what i was supposed to be was i supposed to trust him after mr. homeless mechanic freak?
18.brought key to automotive shop the next day and was relieved to see my car in the parking lot
19.spent day shopping and eating at a great restaurant in the city with sis
20.barely made it to car shop on time to pay for car repairs and get my sis to airport
21.made it to airport and got to spend an extra 45 mins with sis before she left after flight departure time was

over all, a mix of craziness, and fantastic-ness...

just a few weeks til thanksgiving and then christmas so i can see them again:)


Blogger swtpmarie said...

Yeah for VZ sibling time...sounds and looks like you were able to manage a fun time. Makes me miss my siblings!

12:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah!! great outline! you forgot to include brayson in the kitchen-stuffing event! :) so fun.i love the picks that accompany the play-by-play, although i think you should include more! only 28 days until i see you!!!

1:03 AM  

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