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how many times can the word "plunger" be used in a post

two important household items, among others, that i needed to buy when i moved to chicago was a toilet bowl brush and a plunger. two items that aren't used every day, but are necessary if you want to keep your bathroom clean and working properly. i bought the toilet bowl brush soon after i moved in, but kept putting the plunger on the back burner, cause really, how often do you need a plunger. in my apartment in WV, the old tenant left three of them, and i used one once in 2 years. turns out i should've bought a plunger along with the brush...

today, i had a fight with my toilet and the toilet won.

the battle began when i threw a piece of toilet paper with a squished spider in the bowl and, upon turning the knob, the toilet didn't flush. instead, it decided to fill and fill and not empty.

now, this has happened to me before, a couple weeks ago, and i did the idiot thing by trying to flush the toilet again and,luck up on luck, it actually flushed, without spewing toilet water all over my bathroom floor. i vowed to purchase a plunger the next day, but if i had, i wouldn't be writing this post.

instead, i found myself staring at the filling toilet again this afternoon, 10 minutes before i was supposed to be at work, and i had to make the choice A)leave it because you don't have a plunger and you won't be lucky by flushing it again two times in a row, and B)flush it again cause you just might be lucky two times in a row.

I chose B, and had water all over my bathroom floor. gross. (though i will state again that the water only had a wet tissue and a squished spider in it...but still...eeuuuwww).

the result of my needing a plunger but not having time to buy one before work, meant that i had to buy one after work. and so, i left work 10:30pm on a saturday night and walked 4 blocks to the nearest CVS, which was closed. so i walked one more block to Walgreens which is open 24 hrs a day. mind you, this CVS and Walgreens are actually in and amongst about 12 bars on a 2.5 block stretch. and at 10:30 on a Sat. night, the streets are beginning to fill up with the 'cool' 'young' 'hip' crowd of bar and club goers. and there i am in my restaurant waitress for a device to fix my toilet. anyways, so i go into walgreens and find my plunger, and buy a few new little notebooks for taking orders in for the next few weeks. as i'm looking around for the school/office supply section of the store, i notice 3 or 4 semi-attractive guys walk in the store. probably there to purchase condoms in hopes of having fun tonight. I walk buy them, looking for notebooks, plunger in hand. and of course, on my walk home, i continue to pass attractive guy after attractive guy with what has now been bagged in plastic, but many other objects have a 2 foot wood handle sticking out of a plastic bag?? of course those cute guys are no-where to be found when i'm walking brayson, or carrying heavy groceries back to my apartment...;)

needless to say, i guess it was time to buy a plunger, and now, next time, i'll avoid the need to bleach my bathroom floor after flushing...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You seem to get luckier every day with your apartment! Way to face it with humor and grace:)

4:33 PM  
Blogger bexala said...

the march of the plunger-in-bag is so something that would happen to me...only i would trip, too, in front of the attractive young men, and the plunger would go bouncing down the sidewalk in front of me making a smack of the handle sound and a fwump of the rubber plungy part.

i totally bit it in target the other day - the heel on my pump slipped sideways and thankfully i was able to stop and brace myself with my hand basket. i was down in holland and was sure i'd run into one of my ex's relatives after i had done it. yea..that's me...totally hot and ready to mingle after totally biting it in target.

10:05 PM  
Blogger swtpmarie said...

Oh how I miss my girls...can't wait to hang out and bite it together. :)

9:33 AM  
Blogger Reshae said...

ouch..and oh, a little embarrassing..sorry babe:) hope you're ankle is ok:)

i look forward to seeing you both soon:)

10:38 PM  

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