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hopefully the end to my kitchen/bathroom leaking issues for good, today, a handy-man fixed the leak that again, seemed to be coming from my lovely neighbor who lives above me. either way, the last time the guys were here they didn't put the tiles back down in the corner where the leak was coming from last time, and so, while i knew it would be a while before anyone came to fix it, i put the tiles back just to help with the already pathetic appearance of the sad kitchen. a couple times, i could tell that the area was damp or wet, and i'd move one or two of the tiles to see how damp or wet it actually was, or if i was just imagining the damp/wetness. both times i moved the tiles, there were earth worms under the tile...IN MY KITCHEN>>>EARTH WORMS> EUUUWWWW... and so, began another attempt at getting my apartment fixed, and for good this time. last week i had an appointment for them to meet me and i frankly, decided to get my nose pierced instead...cause for the love, they've bailed on me a million times so far. i came to find out they never showed anyways, so i was glad i went ahead and ditched them to adorn my body with jewels. this week, i finally called my landlord one more time and set up the time of today at noon. after going more than 20 miles over the speed limit driving home during an already incredibly busy work day, i was in the apartment about 45 seconds to makes sure someone was here, and to tell him to fix everything and REPLACE THE TILES ALREADY. he explained what his plan of action was and when i came home today, all tiles were back where they were supposed to be...Finally:)

in other that i have internet and cable...or let me say, now that i'm paying for internet and cable, i have this annoying feeling when the tv and internet are not being used that i'm wasting precious money that's being spent per month to have these luxuries. call it the Dutch part of me, but seriously, i feel guilty if i'm not using these luxuries to their fullest potential, and frankly, i've already become bored of the annoying MTV reality shows like Exposed..what ever happened to music videos anyways...though i do enjoy having more access to Sex and the City episodes on tbs. new favorite show is actually, of all things, on the Food Network...Bex, you can start breathing again...:):) Bex, my dear friend who LOVES to cook, and i love it that she loves to cook, even though i don't share her feelings about cooking...i try to be a good friend cause i'm fascinated that people enjoy cooking. i seriously don't know how many boxes of mac and cheese i've made in my lifetime, but i should be paid big bucks by Kraft for keeping them in business. anyways, cooking is one of those things that i would like to enjoy but just am lazy and frankly a lot of the time, i find food, unless prepared by someone else, to be kind of an annoying part of the day. so, imagine my surprise when i'm surfing through my many, MANY channels, and come across Iron Chef America...and become mesmirized by the chefs racing against the clock, and each other, to create masterpieces all with one staple ingredient. It's amazing...

check it out, you won't regret it...


Blogger bexala said...

OOOOOOooooo FOOD NETWORK MY FAVORITE! I'm so jealous you have it. When I'm at my 'rents house I watch it constantly. Recent marketing studies have said that it's become the new MTV for our generation. So, you aren't too far off of many folks for your watching of it.

And, there's so many hot guy chefs cooking on that channel. Well dressed, know how to cook....yummers.

You may not like to cook...but you can love the Food Network - it's the best.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Clemo said...

You can't start thining about the money you're spending for things your not using...refrence mortgage payment and number of hours spent in house. It's all about value...if you value the cable and internet enought when you use them then the cost is least that is what the cable company wants you to think. Hope all is well.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Reshae said...

good call, though i will assure you that not ALL of my free time is spent in front of the tube and my computer

1:57 PM  

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