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screw my last post

ok. so i decided to take the 'scenic' route home today (which means i went through downtown Chicago) looking for a payless shoe source along my way to bring back the boots i bought recently cause they're a piece of crap and the two days i wore them my feet were cold and wet the ENTIRE day...i finally make it into my neighborhood and i smile to myself that i can actually call it my neighborhood and all of a sudden i see lights flashing behind me and i realize that i'm being pulled over. apparently for not stopping at a stop sign a block from my apartment. WHO EVER STOPS AT STOPSIGNS. i drive All day long and i'm a safe driver and i don't need to get a ticket right in front of my own F-ing house. on top of whatever the hell amount i'm gonna have to pay for the ticket, what happens in this supid state of Illinois is they take your license and mail it back to you "two days later" ...what the hell for, i don't know. but that means that i can't go out tonight with a friend who recently moved into town and a few of her fun friends before they leave again for california. i'm furious. tonight is Fat Tuesday, so lots of people are going to be out so it would've been a really good time. Now i can't get in anywhere without my f-ing picture ID. screw the scenic route and stupid boots and false advertizing and stupid Chicago police who have nothing better to do than piss off perfectly good drivers who don't have money to pay a shit ticket.

and no, i'm not pmsing, i'm just incredibly pissed off.


Blogger bexala said...

i'm so sorry. what a terrible law. that seems like a really stupid thing to do to people...what if there was an emergency or something happened to you and people need to check your identification and they had your license? i think you should write obama immediately. jerk.

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