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hump day falling on a monday

so, today i left gr again..after a great few days of seeing friends and couldn't've been better:) today included a good breakfast, shopping and a short nap on the porch...and soon the trip home was calling my name and it was time to leave. i bring all of my stuff to the car, pack it in the trunk and back seat, including my new air conditioner, my bag of clothes and my pillow and put my dog in the back so that he knows he's coming with me and can settle down...i give my bro and mom a hug, and turn back to the car to get in, and what do i see?? nothing but my dog humping my pillow. just going at it. he really rarely humps anything, but for some reason today, my pillow was all he needed. dog or no dog, it's disgusting...nasty pooch.


Blogger swtpmarie said...

Hahahahaha! I just laughed out loud at work because I can just imagine your face when you turned around to see your pooch doing that! So, did you go buy a new pillow yet? :)

9:34 PM  

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