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just a word of warning: DON"T DO FLORIDA IN AUGUST

with some extra vacation days that needed to be used before the end of august, i decided to travel and hang with my mom who was at the time in Florida finishing up her final weekend of a 9 week internship. and not to be a complete kill-joy, and while time with her was great, time in Florida was not...not great at all. it was beautiful, and would be better if you could be inside (airconditioning) looking outside (beautiful) all the time. i loved the little gecko/lizard things, which i thought was a little odd since i have an intense phobia for other small crawly creatures. but the sunsets were beyond amazing on the Gulf coast, which was in the backyard of my mom's condo. ice cream reached new levels of satisfaction in the humid heat and the sand was soft and beautiful. people were so pleasant and friendly, but seriously, being outside was almost painful. especially when the water did nothing to cool you down, not at any time of the day or night.

it was raining ...downtown Sarasota...enjoying a MUCH needed bowl of homemade icecream...yummmmmm...thank goodness for Starbucks' iced coffees and frapachinos during a day of (window) shopping..:)
oh so soft on my feet:)
the beach...those storm clouds were unbelievable. We had the most amazing thunderstorm and lightning show once the sun set.

just to be clear...Florida is great, just not in August:)


Blogger bexala said...

Nor in May, while camping on the beach in a VW camper van without no-seeum proof mesh while the no-seeums bite you 89 times.

5:02 PM  
Blogger Eileen Borduin said...

Great pics!
especially the sunsets!

love you my girl-and glad you came even in the heat.


4:42 AM  

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